Feel Like Home: Top 15 Interior Photography Lightroom Presets

Make your photos look professional in a couple of clicks with interior photography Lightroom presets. They will help you to improve colors, shades, highlights, emphasize textures and surfaces, correct the lighting conditions of your interior photos.

Interior photography Lightroom presets are useful not only for photographers but also for interior designers and real estate agents. Thanks to high-quality filters, your pictures of apartments, houses, restaurants, etc. will look more attractive to potential buyers. Interior images will be flawless and have crisp, clear colors, and perfect light. These filters are compatible with various versions of Lightroom including CC, CS4, CS 5, CS 6, and the Lightroom Mobile.

1. Universal Interior Lightroom Presets

This set consists of 10 Lr presets that will turn boring photos into real masterpieces. You can automatically adjust white balance, remove noise, and improve colors without spending much time on manipulations. Many real estate photographers have to deal with poor lighting because of the harsh light from windows. These amazing presets will help fix this issue a few clicks. They will make dark areas less pronounced and add natural daylight to the picture.

2. Lightroom Presets for Luxurious Interiors

This bundle contains 10 top-notch filters to enhance both interior and exterior shots. Apply one of the presets and adjust various settings such as saturation, blur and fix dim colors. Images will acquire bright shades without losing their naturalness. With this collection of interior Lightroom presets you’ll speed up image editing and bring your real estate photos to the highest professional level.

3. HDR Interior Photography Presets

Use this collection of 10 filters to adjust the contrast and get the perfect color palette. These incredible presets will come in handy when you need to fix defects caused by too bright lighting or flash.
If you are only taking the first steps in interior photography and are unsure of your image editing skills, then this bundle is a great find for you. Experienced shooters also often use these filters to enhance interior pictures quickly and efficiently.

4. Interior Presets for Kitchen Photos

These 40 Lightroom presets for interior photography will help hide various imperfections in the images. They will focus on interesting textures, muffle too bright shades and make the lighting more natural.

5. Interior Presets to Fix Dim Light

These Lr presets work great if you need to improve your interior shots without spending a lot of time. Thanks to them you can reduce blurring, get deeper and brighter colors, adjust white balance and hues. If you had problems with lighting during shooting or there are fingerprints, unnecessary glare, or spots visible on surfaces, these presets will fix everything in a few clicks.

6. Luxe Interior Design Presets Pack

This bundle includes 130 professional filters to enhance your real estate photos. These interior photography Lightroom presets will save you from yellowish shades on white surfaces, emphasize the uniqueness of textures and furniture pieces, reduce contrast, and adjust the color scheme.

7. Superior Interior Workflow Presets

This set consists of 20 high-quality filters that will make your interior photos look awesome. They emphasize the beauty of the furniture making the colors richer and the lines clearer.
Here you will surely find presets that will remove various defects and focus viewers on the advantages of the interior. These filters are quite universal and you can apply them to other genres such as travel, lifestyle, or exterior shots. Use bokeh overlays or water textures for creative photo manipulations and giving your interiors an unusual look.

8. Hotel Photography Presets Collection

Do you want to give your photos a warm and cozy atmosphere? Then use interior photography Lightroom presets from this collection. It consists of 10 effects that soften tones, add sun glare and more natural lighting. At the same time, your photos will keep all important details clear and visible to the viewer.

9. Interior Bright Lightroom Presets

These simple but powerful presets are great for beginner photographers who haven’t figured out yet all the intricacies of color harmony, contrast settings, and saturation. The set contains 5 filters that adjust the lighting, correct colors making them brighter and more flattering. Apply these presets if you want your real estate images to look stylish and modern.

10. Premium Interior Photography Presets

Download this bundle of interior Lightroom presets if you need a quick tool to enhance your shots. It consists of 20 filters created primarily to correct drawbacks caused by weak or improper lighting. They brighten dark areas, remove the reflection of the flash and unnecessary sun glare, and also improve colors. Thanks to this collection even amateurish photos will professional and eye-pleasing.

11. Pure White Interior Lightroom Presets

Photographing white interiors can be quite challenging. Lack of perfect lighting can lead to the appearance of gray or yellow spots and distortion of the color scheme. Take advantage of this package and get impressive flawless images.

These three filters are great for images with milky, ivory, or snow-white interiors. They will draw attention to the original textures and materials of the furniture, bring necessary shades to the walls, and hide visible defects.

12. Family Home Lightroom Presets

Add the feeling of warmth and homeliness to your images with this great set. It includes three Lightroom presets for interior photography that will make pictures softer by reducing contrast and adjusting colors.

Make your real estate photos sweeter and tender thanks to the delicate cream or chocolate haze that appears after applying the filters. Use this bundle not only for interior shots but also with any genre of photography associated with the property.

13. Pastel Lightroom Presets Bundle

This universal collection is great for real estate and interior images. These eight presets add soft, calm tones to your photos and establish the right mood. These filters will adjust the optimal color palette, remove unflattering shadows and hide stains and prints on furniture. They will also give extra air and light to make photos more appealing.

14. Bright and Light Interior Presets Collection

Are you a novice photographer and batch color correction seems too complicated for you? Download this collection of 20 effects and enhance your shots in several simple steps. These presets will make colors saturated and vibrant while maintaining their natural look. They will improve lighting and help show the interior from the winning side. If you’re recording interior video tours, use one of the Glitch effect video overlays or cinematic LUTs to make your clips trendy and catchy.

15. Minimalistic Interior Presets

This is one of the most popular bundles both among professional photographers and amateurs. These interior photography Lightroom presets help you draw attention to the main objects by blurring the background slightly. The filters emphasize interesting textures of furniture and walls, expand the space and adjust colors to create an amazing general picture of a room or house. Refer to online background removal services for professional photoshopping with true-to-life results.

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