With the help of these free and paid cinematic LUTs you can enhance your Instagram videos and impress your followers with warm and saturated colors. Download this cinematic LUT pack for setting white balance and changing color curves.

Cinematic LUTs are pre-saved settings that make color grading easier and more effective, thus allowing you to enhance your videos in a few clicks. By applying a color toning effect, changing the brightness of your video, or making colors look richer, you will achieve pro-level results in no time regardless of the software product you use.

The LUTs are shared in a .cube file format which is supported by the most widely used video editors, for instance, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Sony Vegas.

1. Professional Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

There are 20 LUTs in this set that allows for adjusting contrast, changing shadows’ temperature, and applying a magenta tone to your video to transform all the colors and make them more saturated. The overall result will remind you of the most mesmerizing color movies. If you deal with water, download one of these water overlays to make it deep and blue.

2. Premiere Pro Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

These 20 Premiere Pro LUTs are a thoughtfully created collection of plug-ins that is suitable for a wide variety of styles. They can improve your wedding, travel, or nature footage. These LUTs make it extremely easy to perform color grading, fix any exposure issue, and improve white balance. Besides, they will bring colors to life by making them richer. If you are a dedicated fan of Hollywood movies, you can recreate the look they convey in a few simple steps.

3. Cinema Look Collection

cinematic luts cinema look

If your video looks dull and unimpressive, try changing its mood by using this cinematic LUT pack. Using them, you can make footage brighter, improve contrast, and add beautiful vintage tones.

There are 80 LUTs in this set, so you will easily find the effects that will make colors sharper, introduce deep tones, and make your video more vintage. There is also helpful information on how to use these LUTs to achieve better results.

4. Film Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

Download these 20 Film LUTs if you want to change the color temperature of your video by making colors warmer or adding cold undertones. Using them, you will quickly change brightness, lightning, contrast, etc. These LUTs will give your videos a splendid vintage effect and make colors warmer. To receive the same effect with your photographs, download these HDR Presets for Lightroom.

5. Wedding Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

This pack consists of cinematic LUTs that are perfect for editing wedding videos. They will come in handy when you need to make white and black colors more beautiful, transform a background, soften tones and make your wedding videos more atmospheric. If you don’t have time for editing wedding photos on your own, refer to one of these wedding image editing services.

6. Universal Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

If you need to use a pro-level color grading tool, take a look at these 20 LUTs. Filmmakers who are looking for stunning cinematic effects will definitely appreciate this set. It will be useful for photographers as well since they can apply LUTs during the photo post-processing stage.

7. Vintage Cinematic LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

If you need to make the dynamic range wider, split tones and soften blacks, take a look at this pack. Each cinematic LUT allows for achieving amazing results. Beware, though, that they won’t help much with the footage taken in sunny weather.

8. Movie Look LUTs Pack

cinematic luts cinema look

This free set of LUTs has been created for those who strive to master color grading. It has a comprehensive tutorial that explains the basics of color grading in a simple way. While the set contains only a limited number of LUTs, it comes with all the necessary tools. Together with Glitch effect video overlays, it can make your clips look fashionable.

9. Cinematic LUTs for Vlogging

cinematic luts cinema look

If you enjoy vlogging and want to impress your audience by finely edited videos, make sure to check out these cinematic LUTs. By using them, you can enhance white balance and HSL.
It will result in better contrast and more vibrant colors. What’s more, your clips will look like movie scenes. For making photos look cinematic, we recommend using bokeh overlays.

10. Film Series LUTs

cinematic luts cinema look

With the help of these LUTs, you can enhance or mix colors and adjust the lighting. If you are a fan of romantic movies, add a fairy-tale feel to your wedding or engagement footage. These tools work nicely for lifestyle vlogs as well.



About the author: Eva Williams is a New York photographer and software journalist for FixThePhoto

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