To add magical lights to your wedding, couple, or baby photos, you just need to apply a high-quality bokeh overlay to an image. These beautiful effects are JPG files in high resolution.

Whether you are a professional retoucher working in Adobe Photoshop or an amateur having fun with PicMonkey or another online photo editor that offers layers, the image editing will be simple and fun.

1. Wedding Art Bokeh Photoshop Overlays

Sometimes you just need to add bokeh lights overlay to wedding compositions for impressive and atmospheric lighting effects. It is up to you to decide whether the overlay will be intense, barely noticeable, superficial, or bright. If your wedding photos lack sparkle, you can use these attractive blend effects. If you don’t have time for editing photos, address a professional wedding photo editing service that will make your photos look amazing from $0.2 per photo.

Bokeh Overlays Wedding Art

2. Natural Cozy Bokeh Photoshop Overlays

Just one click can add warmth and vibrancy with a magical backdrop to any shot. These overlays are capable of making the plainest image charming, bright, and natural.
If a shot requires more accent, e.g. on the model’s face, then blur the background and add one of these effects to see an immediate transformation.

Bokeh Overlays Natural Cozy

3. Bright Christmas Bokeh Photoshop Overlays

Hardly any effect can be more popular than bokeh overlays. They are irreplaceable for casting a charming and magical feel over the images while also adding some brightness and saturation. Garlands and sparklers are what creates the special atmosphere of this festivity.

Bokeh Overlays Bright Christmas

4. Party Colorful Bokeh Overlays

These free Party Colorful bokeh overlays help introduce subtle glimmering into the photos. Thanks to the colorful highlights and glitter spots, a plain invitation can become quite festive and artistic. From tender flecks to sparkling confetti clusters, anything you could wish for a cheerful atmosphere in your images.

Bokeh Overlays Party Colorful

5. Star Bokeh Photoshop Overlays

Add some magic to your photos with Star Bokeh Overlays. Gold stars and highlights will add softness and warmth to your images, making them magical and bright. Any bokeh overlay is well suited for Christmas or snowy photos, as well as for a romantic dinner or date. If you record videos too, use cinematic LUTs and Glitch effects video overlays to make your clips great too.

Bokeh Overlays Star

6. Fairytale Bokeh Overlay

If you want to add a little mystery and magic to your street portraits, use these Fairytale Bokeh Overlays. Unusual glare will blur the background, soft circles of light will emphasize the necessary details in the photo and seem to transfer it into a fairy tale.

Bokeh Overlays Fairytale

7. Bokeh Sunburst Sky

This set with the effects of star formation surrounded by clouds will make the photo more vivid, especially if you apply Lightroom HDR Presets. Here you will find manipulated versions of regular Photoshop bokeh overlays and some other options, such as bright gradients and abstract splashes of acrylic paint.

Bokeh Overlays Sunburst Sky

8. Bokeh Holographic Overlays

This gorgeous package offers tools to improve plain backgrounds and play with effects that transform the image. The image will become lighter and fresher getting an interesting decorative element. Improve your images with ease! These overlays are ideal for anything taken in a studio, especially celebration portraits like for Christmas and Valentine’s Day or the pictures of newborns.

Bokeh Overlays Holographic

9. Bokeh Lights Effect Overlays

100 bokeh light overlay effects will help decorate your Christmas, New Year, or wedding photos – they look great both in summer and in winter! A set of several bokeh overlays for one image gives stunning results, helps combine light and darkness to emphasize the most impressive moments of one of the most important days in your life.

Bokeh Overlays Lights Effect

10. Space Skies Bokeh Overlays

Use Space Skies Bokeh Overlays to give your night images a magical touch. Thanks to these overlays you can easily change the background and make the sky marvelous. These beautiful effects will add mystery to night photos and bring up the highlights and lamps. If you took photos near the sea, ocean, or lake, use one of the flawless water textures to improve the water in several clicks.

Bokeh Overlays Space Skies


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About the author: Tata Rossi is a Boston photographer and retoucher at

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