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How to optimize visuals in blog for SEO

Learn how to manage visuals in blog posts to optimize them for SEO in this helpful guide.

1 month ago

Figma: design without breaking the bank. Tips to avoid costly mistakes

Unraveling Figma’s pricing structure: tips to avoid hefty bills and save money. (more…)

1 month ago

A guide to Notion covers: combining aesthetics and productivity

Transform your Notion space with custom covers! Dive in for easy steps, pro tips, and endless inspiration to make your…

1 month ago

Time-saving hacks on how to make a modern design for your article easily

Discover seven time-saving hacks for modern article design to stand out and captivate your target audience easily.

3 months ago

How to take full control over your AI generations

A step-by-step guide to manage every detail of your generated photo and get AI-generated content that precisely fits your design.

3 months ago

How to make pixel-perfect icons

Learn how to choose the right scale, stroke width, and level of detail to design universally compatible icons.

3 months ago

Shady UX tricks and where to find them

Don't be tricked by dark UX patterns. Learn how to spot shady practices like comparison prevention, nagging, false urgency and…

4 months ago

Collaboration features for UI/UX design in Lunacy

Want to see what your teammates are doing, leave voice memos, or edit the same frame your colleague is working…

4 months ago

Can you get a decent icon design with only a photo reference?

Read about the creative experiment on one icon design and learn how differently people see the same task.

4 months ago

Visualizing audio: Strategies and tips for making an effective podcast cover artwork

Explore strategies for creating podcast cover artwork that reflects the podcast's themes and tone with authenticity and artistic finesse.

6 months ago

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