Diversity of tools and resources for designers, developers, and content creators

New Pichon for Mac Great news for Mac-based designers, developers, and other creatives! (more…)

3 weeks ago

Lunacy 8 Cross-platform app. Faster than Figma. Smarter than Sketch. Welcome new Lunacy, a free cross-platform vector graphics editor and prototyping tool! (more…)

1 month ago

How to ensure diversity in your designs

How to ensure diversity and representation in visual content? That’s quite a serious challenge for designers, bloggers, social media marketers,…

4 months ago

How to create a beautiful Pixel Art environment in Clip Studio Paint

Have you ever wondered how your favorite video games were made? Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,…

4 months ago

Free Background Remover plugin for Figma

Good news for the Figma users! Now, you can outsource background removal to our AI right in Figma without leaving…

4 months ago

Lunacy tutorial: Neumorphism in UI design

Neumorphism is a UI design style known and loved for its retro feel. Neumorphic UIs look as if they were…

5 months ago

Top 10 Lunacy tips for designers

In this article, you will learn about 10 not-so-obvious but very useful features that will dramatically increase your efficiency in…

5 months ago

Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design

Hey folks! Welcome the new member of the Icons8 product family. We’re launching Mega Creator, our new online app for…

6 months ago

Mega Creator – make pro-looking graphics in minutes Meet Mega Creator, an online editor that lets you create eye-catching designs in no time. We made this DYI…

6 months ago

DIY UX audit: how to conduct one on your website to improve user experience

How do you think users feel when interacting with your app or website? Does your site inspire positive experiences, or…

6 months ago

Make your website great again: 45+ web tools & services

This article will help you make your website great again! Below, you will find 45+ web tools and services reviewed…

6 months ago

How to enlarge an image without losing quality: basic methods and tools

Why does simple resizing of an image don’t work? How to increase the resolution of an image Manual image enlargement…

6 months ago

Animated Illustrations – 100+ Moving Pictures to Liven Up Your Designs Welcome our 100+ animated illustrations! ✨ What’s inside - Most wanted categories: business, people, technologies, education, web elements -…

6 months ago

Lunacy 7: welcome Lunacy Cloud and collaboration

Lunacy steps up to a new level. For this version, we focused on real-time collaboration and Lunacy Cloud. And it’s…

7 months ago

3D Flame: 150+ eye-catching 3D illustrations for kick-ass designs

We're rolling out a new Flame 3D style! Meet 150 brand-new high-quality illustrations covering the popular categories: - people…

7 months ago

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