If you want to apply a popular visual effect to your videos, this pack of Glitch Effect Overlays is the perfect way to help you.

You don’t need to deal with the Premiere Pro or Final Cut software settings – you just need to put an overlay on the top of your video and adjust the transparency. Below you will find both simple and neat Glitch effects that add very strong noise and colorful damage to your footage.

All Glitch Effect Video Overlays are available in MP4 format and you can apply them to your videos in any modern video editing program: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, and many others.

1. Color Box Glitch Video Overlay

This grungy effect mimics the look of a poor broadcast transmission or damaged video file with ease. Use this video Glitch overlay to add different colorful damages to your clip. You will get the necessary effect if your videos have the same colors as the overlay.

2. Chromatic Aberration

Color fringing is generally an unwanted phenomenon caused by poor lighting conditions or improper lens focusing. Use these Glitch overlays to produce a chromatic aberration for a lo-fi or artsy view in a fast way.

3. VHS Retro Glitch Video Overlay

Use the Glitch Effect video overlays to improve your footage with an old VHS retro type look. The overlay will create a slight ripple in your video and add color noise. Such a touch of aging definitely causes a nostalgic feeling for VHS movies.

4. Line Glitch Video Overlay

The noise is manifested in the form of numerous distorting lines, glitching up the photo in an attractive way no one can leave unnoticed. It goes well with matte, slightly muffled colors of the video, or with a black and white effect. For making your video cover look good too, refer to online background removal service and get realistic results.

5. Holographic Glitch Video Overlay

This stunning futuristic overlay adds a holographic effect to your footage. You can adjust it in different ways by changing the color, speed, and direction of noises. We recommend applying this video Glitch overlay to footage shot against a dark background.

6. Glitch VHS Rewind Effect

Sometimes, to achieve the effect you’re looking for, you might need to do a few steps manually. For example, the popular Glitch rewind effect will require you to adjust playback speed and direction. The result will look impressive and will do a great intro for any video. To replicate this, use the Glitch effect in VSDC Free Video Editor paired with minor color correction to achieve a more realistic old cassette look.

7. Vertical Glitch

The noise can be not only horizontal but also vertical. This overlay adds noise with constantly changing vertical lines. It is ideal for architecture and landscape videos. Use it together with cinematic video LUTs.

8. Green Glitch Video Overlay

This effect will create screen noise that will remind you of the old “green” MDA displays. They were used in the 80s and featured with exclusively green color (some models had different shades of green). This video Glitch overlay will age your clips for 40 years still leaving them stylish and attractive.

9. Glitch Overlays with Noises

This effect adds multi-colored glitches with a vertical texture on the top. Besides, you can notice small noise throughout the whole image. Overlay imitates video hitches typical for older TVs. It works great for landscape videos.

10. Geometric Video Glitch Overlay

Geometric noise slightly shifts your image in some places and adds a color gradient to them. To make the effect look organic, you need to choose an appropriate color matching your video. You can easily do it with the help of Lumetri Color in Premiere Pro or Color Grading in Final Cut Pro.

11. TV Glitch Video Overlay

You have definitely seen a similar effect if you watched cable or satellite television in childhood. The TV signal could get worse for a while or completely disappear. The mentioned effect adds horizontal multi-colored stripes to the video that will perfectly match a corresponding sound effect. Use HDR Lightroom presets to make you cover photos look dynamic too.

12. Command Prompt Glitch

This effect is copied directly from Windows Command Prompt, it may also resemble Terminal on Mac OS. You will get constantly cyclical changing lines of code in the video. It seems to be rather attractive and unusual. The Glitch Effect Overlay looks best on a simple background or landscapes.

13. Disappearing Fragments

Some system errors damage the file structure and some of its elements may be deformed or disappear altogether. Everyone is familiar with this phenomenon. This overlay imitates a similar error, thus some parts of the video will turn black on the display while others will be filled with a bright color.

14. Aggressive Glitch Video Overlay

In reality, there are no such glitch effects but as a creative transition to the video, it looks very impressive and is worth your attention. It contains a collection of more than 10 Glitch Overlays that lasts less than a quarter of a second each. You may notice VHS hitch, TV interferences, and even the Windows Blue Screen of Death among them.

15. Figure Glitches

You could have seen a similar effect in games or movies, most often they depict the sight of a robot or a cyborg. Various curly noises in the form of crosses and squares along with a variety of lines around the screen. Besides, it goes together with constant image instability and noise effects.

16. VHS Jammed Tape Effect

In the times of the VHS, a frequent problem was film sticking with a VCR. Meanwhile, there appeared vertical black and white stripes that shifted the image, on the screen. Also, you could see such Glitch overlays effects when you paused while watching VHS tapes.

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About the author: Eva Williams is a New York photographer and software journalist for FixThePhoto

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