Background removal services help beginner and professional photographers, online retailers, business owners, e-commerce, or fashion magazines in batch removing, replacing, and correcting the background. The services reviewed here claim to make your product look professional and suitable for sale or advertising.

We sent the same photograph of the model showing the women tracksuit to 12 different popular services to remove the image background. As a result, we selected 5 companies that really have a nice price-quality ratio. Price, quality, following your requirements, responsiveness, and turnaround are the main aspects that we took into account.

1. FixThePhoto

Price: $5-$15 per photo

Time: 8-24 hours

background removal service

FixThePhoto is a professional background removal service since 2003. It also offers other high-quality services: color correction, retouching of portraits, newborns, fashion photos, real estate photos, and even product images. You may download photo editing freebies as interior Lightroom presets, Bokeh Photoshop Overlays, or Photoshop water textures. Besides, the company recently added video editing services and share video overlays and LUTs for free and at an affordable price for beginners.

The team consists of over 350+ professional designers and photographers representing professional retouching services.  There are 3 image retouching levels with different prices for editing the background: Pro Level, Extra, and Digital. Their cost is $5, $10, and $15 per image. You can choose deep editing options to mask, remove the background for 5 or more people, replace the background for complex objects, correct colors, remove unnecessary objects, stitch, and use their background changing packages at a 40% OFF.

Our order cost $15 because we had a complex object with hair that required masking. We also wanted to adjust the colors and remove small creases. We paid via PayPass and after about 13 hours received the edited photo by email.

The finished work turned out perfectly polished and beautiful. All lines are flat and smooth, without sharp breaks and sections. The structure of the woman’s tracksuit isn’t distorted. The smoothed wrinkles, realistic shadows, and perfect color correction impressed us. Also, pay attention to this well-defined and realistic shadow. This service did more than just remove a background. The skin looks perfect, a little shadow appeared and the colors are corrected.

background removal service

2. Weedit

Price: $5-$10 per photo

Time: 24 hours

background removal service

WeEdit.Photos is positioned as one of the best beauty photography retouching services, it is also the No.1 competitor to FixThePhoto when it comes the image background removal service. Pricing is pretty similar. However, only 2 levels of the services are available: remove backgrounds at Pro and Extra levels, for $5 and $10 per image.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the clipping path on the solid black (white) or transparent background for simple and complex objects, removing small objects, improving the background, color correction, jewelry retouching, removing the gloss of glasses and even changing colors, clothes, accessories.

It is worth noting that the retouchers from WeEdit.Photos demonstrated professional skills but their approach to photo editing was slightly different. We made a request, saying that we were preparing photos for printing in the online fashion magazine and needed to remove background from those photos. They sent us the finished photo in 19 hours.

We see the same smooth cutouts, a white clean background, and straight lines. They kept several flaws. The folds on the model woman’s boots are not completely smoothed to make the image look natural. Pleasant and consistent color correction is worth noting. They made the photo more expressive and rich and emphasized small details.

background removal service

3. WeddingRetouching

Price: $10 per photo

Time: 24-48 hours

background removal service

WeddingRetouching is a good online service to remove picture background with an excellent professional portfolio (by the way, it is updated quite often).

Photo background removal service is included only in the most expensive plan costing $10 per photo. You can ask to not only remove background from image but also delete braces, reduce the weight of the model, remove glasses reflection and smooth wrinkles on the face and clothes.

Having placed the order, we received the finished work in 24 hours. The background is clean and white, the cut lines are even, the stray hairs are cut and smoothed and the folds are perfectly aligned.

There is a slight color correction but it is a little worse than FixThePhoto did. How about shadows? Where are they? That’s what we said above: retouchers of this background removal service are quite inattentive and sometimes miss details.

background removal service

4. Colorexpertsbd

Price: $0.48 – $10 per photo

Time: 12-48 hours

background removal service

Regardless of the constantly freezing site which loads and freezes for a long time while scrolling, many people advise to remove background from picture exactly with this service because of its cheap prices. To be honest, we were surprised after visiting the “Remove Background from the Image” section.

There are 4 separate fields that you may need. Each has its own price: “Clipping path service” ($0.49 – $6.90), “Ghost mannequin effects” ($1.49 – $1.75), “Photoshop image masking” ($1.50) and “Photoshop shadow services” ($0.25 – $0.49), etc.

They do not have clear prices for one photo so it is very difficult to calculate the cost of a single image. It can range from $2 to $10. The only thing that saves the situation is responsive customer support where we uploaded the photo and got info about the price.

We received the finished work in 16 hours, having paid $6.80 for it. It is very cheap and fast compared to other background removal services on this list. During the initial and quick examination, we saw a fairly light clean background, smooth cut lines, and slight background color correction.

However, examining the problematic areas (model sweatpants) in detail, you can see uneven sharp creases. We suppose they didn’t use the mask and the object was selected in the semi-automatic lasso mode. We turned to technical support and they fixed this problem within 14 hours.

background removal service

5. Clipping Path India

Price: $0.49-$11.99 per photo

Time: 12-48 hours

background removal service

Clipping Path India is a classic ecommerce photo editing service that also can remove picture backgrounds. Unlike the user-friendly interface, pricing reminds us of Colorexpertsbd, forcing to select and add the necessary options manually.

We want to note the inconvenient credits payment policy. You cannot pay directly, you need to replenish your account in order to purchase credits at the rate of 1 to $0.93 per credit. Having made a request for the photo, we indicated that we would publish it online and after calculating the cost, the price was $11.20.

This photo background removal service delivered the finished photo within 30 hours after ordering. The colors were not changed at all. It doesn’t look beautiful. The edges are not quite even and look too blurred. How about the folds? Half was missed or intentionally left. Besides, they removed all the shadows. As a result, the photo is unsuitable for publication and look unprofessionally edited.

background removal service

About the author: Eva Williams is a New York photographer and software journalist for


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