With the help of these pre-made Photoshop water textures, you can add a realistic water surface to your photos. These water textures come in a JPG format and will be perfect for unusual designs, photo manipulations, or editing photos taken during travels or romantic photoshoots.

You won’t need to draw waves manually, it’s enough to upload textures to your online editor, app, or desktop software, such as Photoshop or Luminar. There are textures of a wide variety of colors and patterns available, from ripple effects to sea waves.

1. Sun in Water Texture

This texture will add the blue water surface to your pictures. You can either replace a background or enhance a photo taken in a swimming pool by making it brighter.

photoshop water texture

2. Rough Sea Water Texture

Show a heavy sea in your pics even if it was impossible to capture sea swells in all their beauty during an actual photoshoot. If you aren’t sure whether you need to enhance your pics by using a dirty water texture, take a look at the Rough Sea Set. You will be able to add beautifully shaped fine waves, deep blue tones, and light traces of seafoam in a few simple clicks.

photoshop water texture

3. Waves

Do you want to add small waves to a photo of a river or lake? You can do it by applying the Waves texture. Your photograph will acquire a unique look and will be enhanced thanks to clear blue hues.

photoshop water texture

4. Cruise Water Texture

This texture looks astonishingly realistic. It will come in handy if you need to transform photos taken during sea voyages. You will get a stunning picture with deep blue sea surface and traces of seafoam visible here and there.

photoshop water texture

5. Water Drops Texture

By adding this texture you will get a stunning effect of water ripples. If you want to create a calm and serene mood, this texture is perfect for the task.

photoshop water texture

6. Miracle Water Texture

You can add not only the Photoshop water texture to your photo but a touch of magic as well, especially together with bokeh overlays. Make your photo even more unforgettable by applying an azure-blue clear water effect with the help of the Miracle texture.

photoshop water texture

7. Storm Power

If you need to create a stormy atmosphere, make sure to download this texture. It will help you add huge sea waves of deep blue color. Making color correction, give preference to HDR Lightroom Presets for a dramatic look.

photoshop water texture

8. Sea Surface Water Texture

Do you want to achieve a realistic sea surface effect? Professional designers have created an amazing sea texture that makes a marvelous realistic impression. Thanks to it your travel pics will become even brighter and the water surface will enhance the overall composition.

photoshop water texture

9. Light Blue Water Texture

This seamless texture will brighten every photo taken during vacation. Water in a photo will acquire a bluish tone reminiscent of the ocean colors and texture.

photoshop water texture

10. Threads Water Texture

It is easy to scale and looks quite realistic. By using this seamless texture you can create beautiful travel photos or unique product ads.

photoshop water texture

11. Indigo Water Texture

This texture enhances every sea photo by adding deep blue tones and nicely shaped waves. Try applying it to your vacation pics or landscape photos and you will see them fully transformed. Together with Cinematic LUTs for videos, you can create a really breathtaking travel video.

photoshop water texture

12. Splashes

Thanks to this texture you will easily add azure-blue water surface. Try using it to edit your summer pics taken near a swimming pool or on the beach.

photoshop water texture

13. Tiny Bubbles

Make your underwater photos look more natural by adding realistic air bubbles. You can also add nicely shaped raindrops to a window to momentarily transform weather in one click. This running water texture has been designed in deep blue color with light accents.

photoshop water texture

14. Deep Dive Water Texture

This is another mesmerizing texture that allows for creating a water ripple effect. Rings from water drops will create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and turn any bleak photo into a state-of-art picture.

photoshop water texture

15. Relaxed Mood

Water has a calming effect especially if you see the serene water surface of a strikingly blue color. Add the Relaxed Mood texture to your pictures to create a relaxed feeling in one click.

photoshop water texture

16. Underwater World Texture

Underwater photos always lack light. Besides, it’s quite difficult to take a close-to-life photo of azure waves. By using the Underwater World texture you will make your works look more polished and professional. It will add soft light, nice blue tone, and natural patterns to your photographs. For trendy visual effects, we recommend using it together with Glitch effect video overlays.

photoshop water texture

17. Water Texture at Water Depths

What do perfect underwater photos look like? They have well-balanced lighting and blue tones. This is exactly the result the creators of the At Water Depths texture were aiming for. With the help of this texture, you can make your works truly mesmerizing.

photoshop water texture

18. Gentle Movement Water Texture

Make your photographs more eye-catching by adding light waves and deep undertones. This Photoshop water texture will look equally beautiful when you apply it to sea voyage or travel photos. It can also be used as a background.

photoshop water texture

19. Breeze Water Texture

Those who enjoy minimalism will appreciate this texture. You can enhance your pics by adding light waves of blue color and make an overall atmosphere in your photos calmer. If you have something distracting on the background, refer to professional photo background removal services that will remove or replace everything you need online and for an affordable price.

photoshop water texture

20. Ocean Song Water Texture

Have you ever heard the ocean singing? By applying this ocean texture, you will create an unforgettable mood, add extra depth to your pictures, and make them look more realistic.

photoshop water texture

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