UI Inspiration: 20 Examples of Dashboard Designs

Review another set of inspiring concepts by different user interface designers, this time devoted to dashboard design.

Dashboard is a type of interface that visualizes particular KPIs (key performance indicators) for a specific goal or process. Also, in many cases, people use the same term for progress reports. It is based on data visualization and infographics, so it is linked to a database that allows constant updates. The user can quickly overview the performance metrics, notice the positive or negative trends, and measure efficiencies. For UX designers, that is always the challenge of presenting the diversity of information effectively and beautifully. Below we have gathered some ideas to get you inspired and see how designers solve that task.

Educational app dashboard by 10Clouds

Dashboard for Smart Home app by Widelab

A user interface for game dashboard by uixNinja

Food delivery dashboard by Cuberto

Dashboard user interface by DStudio

Dashboard for ice cream brand by Outcrowd

Time management dashboard by Paperpillar

Meeting dashboard by DStudio

Betting platform dashboard by Vlad Ermakov

Dashboard for Mac cleaning app by Outcrowd

Dashboard design concept by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Dashboard interface concept by uixNinja

Dark-skinned dashboard design concept by DStudio

Dashboard for analytics management system by Fireart Studio

Finance management dashboard by Orely

File manager dashboard by UGEM

Dashboard for Home Budget app by Tubik

Blog dashboard by Tubik

Responsive dashboard by Taras Migulko

A dashboard designed for a health-focused service by Balkan Brothers

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About the author: Marina Yalanska, content writer and design researcher, Managing Editor for Icons8 Blog.


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