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Search for an icon or generate one? SVG icon AI-generators test

As designers, we don't need just any icon. We need one that is a perfect fit for the actual design.…

4 weeks ago

AI humans starring in a football game

Winning Streak Games turned Generated Photos' AI humans into playable PC game characters. Here's a sneak peek.

2 months ago

New Human Generator: create photorealistic AI humans with hundreds of new poses

Say hi to the updated Human Generator with hundreds of new poses and negative prompts for fine-tuning your AI humans.

3 months ago

2024 Best AI image generators: tested and reviewed

If you want to know which AI tool can solve your creative task before committing to a subscription, this one…

4 months ago

Merry Christmas! Designer’s magic box with holiday graphics

Fancy, elegant, cute, and vintage: we've collected all kinds of icons, vector illustrations, and ready-made templates for your holiday designs.

4 months ago

#000000 Friday deals for designers

Check out our compilation of the most tempting 2023 Black Friday deals for graphic and motion designers.

5 months ago

Professional headshot examples: the AI revolution

Professional headshots are more than just photos. They're your first impression in the digital world. Now, AI is changing how…

5 months ago

Icons8 photo library in Sender

Now you can decorate your emails in Sender with our pro-looking photos right inside the app. See how to use…

6 months ago

Boo! Halloween graphics for your spooky designs

Sweeping list of Halloween’s visual symbols enriched with some fun facts to know. Icons, illustrations, and designs to get inspired.

6 months ago

Prompt like a pro: how to get the most out of AI image generators

Before you sign up for that prompt engineering course, check out our guide on AI image generation.

7 months ago

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