Generate series of consistent illustrations in unique art styles

Discover the power of the first and only AI image generator made by professional artists.

AI-generated illustrations often have an unmistakable ‘made by a machine’ vibe. Creating authentically human-looking artwork still demands serious expertise in using prompts, and that’s exactly what we’re here to fix with Illustration Generator.

A team of artists and engineers behind Icons8 Ouch! bridged art and tech so you can generate perfectly consistent images within authentic authors’ styles.

How is that possible?

These three steps:

  1. We drew 100,000+ illustrations and still draw hundreds of new illustrations weekly. However, we can’t cover all people’s needs, which is where AI steps in.
  2. We made datasets of our illustrations. Unlike other generative platforms, we did not scrape the Internet for images. We used our proprietary data for training.
  3. We trained AI to generate pictures matching our styles. Now, you can get a picture that will look like you’ve hired us. Every next image you generate in the same style will match the previous ones.

It’s like having an infinite illustration pack that you can use even for the most unusual cases.

What is inside Illustration Generator

Prompt but made it easy

Get to the app and simply type what you need to see in the picture.

Pro tip: do not overthink the prompt, the easier you make it, the better result you will get out of it.

Full control of the generated result

Tweak the description to specify what you want in your final illustrations.

Reference image

Upload the reference to tell the AI the exact pose or compositions you need.

Background options

Download images with or without backgrounds.

Different aspect ratios

Forget about squares. Select the aspect ratio you need.


Access your history of generated images for quick reference and reuse.

How it works

Four easy steps to effortlessly create consistent images that are 100% original and legal:

  1. Enter a prompt or upload an image
  2. Choose a style and generate drafts
  3. Pick a draft you like and enhance it
  4. Get a high-quality illustration.

We’re launching on Product Hunt! Show your support and share feedback on Illustration Generator:

Or go ahead and start generating right now!

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