UI inspiration: examples of effective dashboard design

Review another set of inspiring UI design concepts by different user interface designers, this time devoted to dashboard design.

2 months ago

Top 5 UX Writing Blunders You Should Avoid

The article is devoted to UX writing mistakes, considering and eliminating which you will increase the number of satisfied customers.

3 years ago

AI-Generated Photos To Use as Avatars in Lunacy

Now Lunacy users can use AI-generated images for avatars in their prototypes of user interfaces. Combined with Lunacy’s text snippets,…

4 years ago

Prototype Previewer in Lunacy Design Software

You asked and we did it. We’ve added our own prototyping previewer to Lunacy, the free graphic software.

4 years ago

UI Inspiration: Web and Mobile Design Concepts with Moose Photos

Another collection demonstrating how UI designers from different countries use images from Moose photo stock in user interface designs for…

4 years ago

5 Top Reasons to Prototype App Idea Before Developing It

The article covers such a crucial aspect of mobile app creating as prototyping and shares a bunch of essential reasons…

4 years ago

UI Inspiration: 22 Mobile Design Concepts with Interface Illustrations

We've prepared a new dose of inspiration with a bunch of mobile UI concepts using interface illustrations to add information,…

4 years ago

23 Best UI Designing Tools. Updated for 2020

In this article, we’ll extensively cover the best UI designing, UI building, and UI wireframing tools there are, highlighting their…

5 years ago

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