Being an effective tool of web marketing, landing pages are getting more and more presence and diversity on the Web. Quality and well-chosen visuals for a landing page increase its emotional appeal and quickly transfer the needed mood and message. Earlier, we shared some tips on choosing images for this goal, and today, it’s time for some inspiration. No secret that more and more designers now choose illustrations as hero images. Due to this UI design trend, the diversity of artworks created for marketing goals seems to grow daily.

Here, we’ve collected some bright web design examples from the portfolios of designers and creative studios. The landing pages are made for different goals and themes, some of them promote products and services, the others give higher web presence to charities, communities, or educational stuff. Welcome to get inspired!

landing page design illustration

Walid Beno uses hero illustration to visually share the idea of undersea internet cables.

landing page design illustration

Hero illustration by Vera Voishvilo reflects the atmosphere of the coworking space.

landing page design hero illustration

Tasty hero image for the landing page of the recipe contest platform by Cuberto.

landing page design illustration

The landing page testing by Zahidul is built around the catchy hero illustration.

landing page design illustration

Contrast and artistic landing page with illustration by Unfold.

landing page design illustration

Bitcoins, gradients and unusual perspective in a custom illustration for a landing page by uixNinja.

landing page design illustrations

Dmitrii Kharchenko applies isometric hero illustrations to share the atmosphere of virtual reality.

landing page design illustration

Hero illustration for a landing page by Unfold uses contrast limited color palette.

landing page design illustration

Tubik uses dynamic theme illustration, which also works as a directional cue.

landing page illustration

Unfold creates the atmosphere of mounting climbing to appeal to the target audience.

landing page design concept

Dmitrii Kharchenko uses trendy hero illustration that shares the idea of the product.

landing page design illustrations

Landing page design concept by Alexandra Glustsenko promotes guitar lessons with a beautiful theme illustration.

The landing page animation by Studio VOR is built around digital artwork.

Landing page design with a pinch of romance by AfterGlow involves digital illustration to build visual storytelling.

Landing page animation by AfterGlow features funny monsters instantly setting the product’s connection with a visitor.

The landing page designed by Outcrowd for the yoga application uses animated theme illustration.

Another bright and dynamic hero illustration for the landing page design by Studio VOR.

Landing page for a charity campaign by Plainthing Studio features the prominent hero illustration animated to be even more catchy.

Landing page promoting scuba diving sessions by OWW uses the scroll interactions with a full-screen hero illustration.

Meanwhile, we offer you to check our big library of free vector illustrations applicable to landing pages, websites, apps, blog articles, emails, and much more.

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