Get a brief introduction into a collection of the best Lightroom HDR presets suitable for wedding, portrait, landscape, and architecture photography.

The presets featured below come especially in handy if you edit photos taken in bright sunlight or low light. In this case, the camera can’t deal with a full range of light, and accordingly, the photo loses its detail, appears too dull, and lacks contrast.

Top 10 Lightroom HDR Presets

A high-quality HDR photograph is created from several shots of the same scene taken with a slightly different exposure. If for some reason, you don’t have a series of photos, but you want to improve your story, we recommend using Lightroom HDR presets, which you can easily install on your smartphone or computer. These plug-ins enhance the color tones, balance of lights, saturation, intensity, brightness while creating a professional-looking HDR effect that allows you to effectively emphasize the main subject.

1. Complete HDR Effect Collection

lightroom hdr presets

This set includes 40 HDR Lightroom presets that work best with landscape shots. They allow you to reduce digital noise, eliminate chromatic aberration, and boost white balance and contrast. With the help of this collection, you can highlight even the smallest details in landscape or architecture pictures and make them more vibrant and saturated.

2. Classic HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Enhance not only architecture or landscape images but also portraits taken outdoors. The bundle includes sunlight effects to improve lighting, sepia, and B&W filters and tools that make the pictures softer and warmer. Additionally, you will find presets created specifically for architecture photos.

3. Real Estate HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

With these HDR presets, you can fix any exposure defect, including color, tone, contrast, and digital noise in real estate photos. These filters work great with both street and interior shots and even with photographs taken in insufficient lighting.

4. Sharp HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

This collection of HDR presets will increase the dynamic range of your photos, making them sharp and vibrant. They are perfect for photographs with numerous small details, for example, objects in the background of the sea, lake, or mountain.

5. HDR Vintage Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Try this bundle which was specifically designed for portrait, wedding, studio, and landscape photography. The filters included in the pack will add saturation and deep cinematic color to your shots. It is recommended to apply these plug-ins to the shots taken in natural light.

6. Black and White HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

This set of B&W HDR presets gives a stunning artistic effect for portraits, landscapes, or pictures that feature cars or old furniture. Apply these filters together with glitch video overlays to increase contrast and make photos lighter and more detailed.

7. Strong HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Feel free to use this Lightroom HDR preset if you want to achieve a strong high dynamic range effect. It works well with portrait photographs with bokeh lights overlays while enhancing contrasts and facial features with skin tone and texture preserved. If you need to make portrait photo editing, refer to one of these wedding photo editing services with low prices and strict deadlines.

8. Pro HDR Nature Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Dramatic and stunning, these Lr presets are very popular among nature, landscape, seascape, and editorial photographers. Moreover, it is possible to customize the settings of each plug-in to express your unique visual style. For color-grading your travel videos use one of these cinematic LUTs.

9. Realistic HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Even though these HDR filters increase the dynamic range of your pictures, they preserve their natural look and feel. The set is suitable for various photography genres, including portrait, lifestyle, and landscape. Moreover, these plug-ins create a very realistic effect and highlight every detail in the shot.

10. Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Presets

lightroom hdr presets

Create an attention-grabbing HDR-like effect with this excellent bundle. You can achieve an even more efficient result while applying it to the dull pictures or photos with muted colors. Don’t use this plug-in with bright pictures as you can overdo the effect.

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About the author: Ann Young, blogger, photographer, retoucher at FixThePhoto

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