No secret, illustrators present an active community all over the world and always keep an eye on what is going on in the field: illustration trends, events, publications as well as new and famous names bring inspiration and creative spark day in and day out. Today, let us introduce 10 French women illustrators who you wouldn’t like to miss. Welcome to explore a bit about their backgrounds and styles, and check their artworks.

Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London. Her style was born by the op art and pop art meeting. Line, shape, color – these are three tools that make her creations immediately recognizable. Known by French beautystas thanks to her numerous collaborations with Sephora chain, Malika Favre is one of the most successful French illustrators. Besides her collaborations with fashion brands and personal works, she has also created elegant magazine covers for The New York Times, The New Yorker and Metropolitan.

Malika Favre illustration Malika Favre illustration Malika Favre illustration Malika Favre magazine illustration Malika Favre art Malika Favre illustration

Check the collection of Malika Favre’s illustrations we shared earlier

Margaux Motin

French blogger and illustrator, Margaux Motin became popular after editing her first comic book “J’aurais aimé être ethnologue” (I would have loved to be an ethnologist). This comic tells her everyday life of freelance, mum, and single with humor and self-mockery, which are integral parts of her works and bring success to each of them. There is also the case for a graphic novel “La femme parfaite est une connasse,” (The perfect woman is an idiot) which appeared from a collaboration with Girard sisters.

Margaux Motin illustration Margaux Motin cover illustration Margaux Motin illustration Margaux Motin art

Pénélope Bagieu

Known for her female illustrations, Pénélope Bagieu started her career by a blog “Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante” (My life is absolutely fascinating). She created a Josephine character for Femina magazine, also got published in 3 comic strips and hosted a comic review on Youtube for Madmoizelle web magazine. One of her last and the most successful works is the “Cullottées” comic book paying tribute to 15 women from all times whose actions have changed society.

Pénélope Bagieu illustration Pénélope Bagieu illustration Pénélope Bagieu illustration Pénélope Bagieu illustration

Johanna Olk

Johanna Olk’s illustrations tell about everyday life melancholy. Born in Bretagne where “the landscapes are raw and the people are simple,” she has transmitted this simplicity and local aesthetics to her illustrations, linear monochrome portraits that became her signature style. She is also well known as a tattoo artist who recently collaborated with Bernard Forever, a temporary tattoos brand.

Johanna Olk illustration Johanna Olk illustration Johanna Olk illustration


Yellow, blue, red, patterns – Mügluck’s gouaches, influenced by cubist artists, illustrate the pages of Slate, Les Echos, Le Parisien, Elle, the most known French magazines. Currently based in Montréal, this French artist draws her inspiration from the stylistic of the 1920s, fashion, and her dog, Pablo.

Mügluck creative illustration Mügluck illustrations Mügluck illustrations Mügluck illustrations

Chloé Bourguignon

Tablet or ink drawings in black & white, ironically twisted by Chloé Bourguignon, that’s the key to her success. The young self-taught Parisian illustrator, inspired by old photos and poetry, recently had the opportunity to collaborate with France 3, Slate and Gucci.

Chloé Bourguignon illustration Chloé Bourguignon illustration Chloé Bourguignon digital art

Angéline Mélin

Ultra-chic long-legged girls with fish lips – it’s about Angéline Mélin’s artworks. Graduated from the Berçot Studio, now she is a Parisian fashion illustrator known for having created numerous advertising campaigns for premium brands such as Boss, Nina Ricci, Galeries Lafayette, Cartier, etc. She has also contributed to Do it Paris city mag and Elle Québec magazine and illustrated the “Paris c’est chic” fashion city guide.

Angeline Melin magazine illustration Angeline Melin magazine illustration Angeline Melin magazine illustration Angeline Melin magazine illustration

Cécile Dormeau

With her overcoming illustrations, a young artist Cécile Dormeau celebrates self-acceptance and body image and aims at breaking down stereotypes about perfect women. In addition to personal artworks of women as they are, she worked for Durex, Asos, Google and drawn for GQ and Neon magazines.

illustrations cecile dormeau illustrations cecile dormeau illustrations cecile dormeau illustrations cecile dormeau

Agathe Sorlet

A young illustrator and animator based in Paris, Agathe Sorlet became famous thanks to her Instagram page. Indeed, by publishing her artworks every day for three years,  she got herself to be one of the most trendy illustrators now. Her colored and soft lined illustrations about women and love delight more than 490K followers today. Her clients include prestigious French brands like Princesse Tam Tam, Sisley, Le Chocolat des Français.

agathe sorlet illustrations agathe sorlet illustrations agathe sorlet illustrations agathe sorlet illustrations agathe sorlet illustrations

Sabrina Chess

Freelance illustrator, art director, and designer, Sabrina Chess is obsessed with women-swimmers. She uses digital illustration but also drawing, watercolor, and engraving techniques to express that passion. Through her pop and pastel “poolside” illustrations, the artist honors feminine curves. Her both minimalistic and abstract artworks are conceived in parallel with an augmented reality app that brought to life the swimmers with animation. She worked recently with Orange and France 5.

Sabrina Chess illustrations swimming Sabrina Chess illustrations Sabrina Chess illustrations

More lists, design examples and sources of creative inspiration are coming soon, keep up with the updates.

About the author: this is the guest post by Anastasiia Kondratieva, designer 360°, a graduate of The School of Design and Arts TALM, artist, researcher, and fashion addict based in France.

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