Superhero Emblems: Check How People Draw Their Favs From Memory

We all believe to remember our favorite superheroes from Marvel and DC comics in the slightest details. Still, is it easy to draw well-known emblems off the top of your head? Geek Wrapped Blog published a cool extensive research telling and showing how well (or badly) people cope with the task.

156 participants of the experiment in the United States were asked to recall from memory the emblems and logos of 12 most popular comic book characters these days. The authors share a great deal of interesting stuff: ultimate showdown of emblem accuracy, composition, and even comparison of logos for famous rivalry pairs. For example, whoever actually stronger, Batman came out on top over Superman for the most accurate fan drawings. And in the overall standing, Deadpool emblem is a winner: 1 out of 5 participants reproduced it close to the original.

Check the results for various logos below, read the full research and have fun!

So, can you draw the emblem of your superhero fav? Check our huge set of superhero icons in a variety of styles to refresh the details.

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