Top 10 free Notion templates every designer needs

Discover essential Notion templates that transform design workflows, enhancing creativity and efficiency for every designer.

Notion is a game-changer for designers, offering a versatile platform to streamline and enhance their creative workflow. With templates, you can focus more on creativity and less on administrative tasks.

I collected ten essential Notion templates that every designer should incorporate into their toolkit. These templates boost efficiency and foster innovation in your projects. Let’s explore how these templates can revolutionize your design process.

Design portfolio

This template is an immersive showcase platform for your work. It’s crafted to let your design story unfold, beginning with a personal introduction that features a brief bio, your design ethos, and your motivations in the UX realm. This personal touch brings authenticity and character to your portfolio.

Add your photo instead of our 3D illustration, or feature your best work.

Design Brief

Design briefs help you define project scope, deliverables, and timelines clearly, making your proposals professional and persuasive. Personalize it to fit your workflow. Add important questions that will help you communicate with your clients effectively.

Dive into our Notion icon set to add more character to your brief.

Project management

This template is your command center for managing design projects. It offers a structured approach to tracking progress, deadlines, and daily tasks. It is straightforward and has a convenient calendar and timeline.

The nice part is that it’s fully customizable. To spice it up a bit, I used metallic illustrations in the project covers.

Mood board creation

This template is a great helper in conceptualizing design ideas. It allows you to compile and organize visual elements, creating a cohesive mood board that guides your creative process. You can keep all the essential info for creating a mood board in one super place without any need to create trillions of other documents.

This template just called me to customize it. So, I added an adorable hand icon and played with 3D Hygge illustrations. And let’s just appreciate the cuteness of this fuzzy heart. As per the cover, I’ve recolored the Abstract background.

Brand book

A brand book is an essential document for any designer. It encapsulates the essence of the brand’s identity. This template serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the brand’s visual and communicative elements and ensuring consistency across all platforms and media.

User persona dashboard

This user persona dashboard template streamlines user research, enabling the design of impactful products. It’s perfect for quickly creating detailed personas, aiding in understanding and engaging their target audience effectively.

Characters from the Notes style fit perfectly for this template.


A well-structured invoice template is indispensable for freelance designers. It’s simple yet presents your services and fees in a clear and professional manner. You can also export a PDF version, which can be convenient.

Having track of all the invoices is essential. When I started working as a freelancer, the financial part of it gave me so much anxiety. But such trackers are lifesavers.

Resource library

A well-organized resource library is invaluable. You can adjust it and add categories that you need: fonts, assets, articles, podcasts, and more.

I can’t even describe my love for our 3D style. I’ve changed the cover and replaced a picture with this adorable cat. As for the icon, I went for the Pastel icon.

Habit tracker

This template is your personal ally in striking the balance between work and life. It’s not just about tracking. It’s about caring for the person behind the designer. Embrace a holistic approach where nurturing your well-being is as crucial as meeting deadlines.

I know the struggle of tracking habits. So, making it truly mine encouraged me to use it regularly. I decided to change the font and add an aesthetic cover and icon. So here’s my advice: customize everything!

Content planner

I get how tough managing content can be. That’s why the content planner is on this list. It’s a practical, all-in-one Notion template that streamlines content planning. It has a clear dashboard, an organized calendar, and a goal tracker. It’s a great way to keep all your social media aligned and your ideas in one accessible place.

By the way, if you want a client’s feedback on your content plan, you can use Notion form templates by NoteForms.

Wrapping up

There you have it. These ten Notion templates are game-changers for designers aiming to streamline their processes and boost creativity. They cover everything from portfolio management to personal well-being, designed with a designer’s unique challenges in mind. If you want more Notion templates, you can always find them in the Notion template gallery. Personalize them to fit your workflow, and watch as they bring efficiency and a touch of joy to your daily design tasks. Embrace these tools and elevate your design journey.

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About the author
Adeline Knight is an SEO content writer at Icons8. Started as a professional photographer before falling for design. She enjoys experimenting with new tools and uncovering tips and tricks to simplify your life and boost your creativity.

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