Telling you that music and mood are closely connected is not a big surprise. Plenty of studies prove that music affects your mood, indeed. Moreover, such changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception of things you watch.

There are lots of brilliant-made advertisement videos where everything matches perfectly. Certainly, they are made that way not just because of aesthetic reasons. Big companies know well that it is a powerful tool to have extra influence on their customers.

Right rhythm accents and energetic melody in combination with a nice video create an unbelievable and strong mix of emotions. But…what sort of emotions is that?

The key idea is that everything is totally up to you. Let’s watch together a couple of examples using Icons8 music.

Monkey Tries Art Supplies: Every coloured pencil I own!

Using the bouncy and precise accents on the logo at the beginning is a really nice move. When our attention is caught, there is no need for continued accents. Pleasant and calming background tunes are the best choice for usage in explainers or tutorial videos.

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Another thing is a trailer or promo. If you want to launch a new product and present it to your viewers, choose an intense tune for the whole video. At Fugue audio stock you can easily find this kind of music with the following moods or tags: action, adventure, intense, funny.

Cycling Through WILDFIRES in Thailand’s Countryside [Ep.5]

Finally, there are videos with specific parts you would like to be underlined. What if you want to convey different moods? In this case, you are free to use all the variety of Fugue music library. We have plenty of diverse tunes that will be perfect for each and every video intention of yours. So go and get it!

Do not forget to mention us once your work is done. We will be happy to share your video on our social media.

About the author: Elizaveta Zelenskaya, music producer for Fugue music library.

Title photo from Moose Photo Stock

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