Let’s imagine your future video or animation work. What if this time you are going to create something dynamic and spectacular? Like a tense chase or motor stunts scenes. If so, this playlist is for you.

Today we are talking about action musiс. It is all about specific features aiming to thrill a viewer with powerful shifts. Let’s take a closer look at these features.


The more a track focuses on rhythm, the better feeling of action it gets. The melodic storyline might even be reduced. Why? Because a couple of electronic loops can be more than enough.

Brass and percussion

As for the rhythm, there is always a strong beat. And we have known it since ancient times. Warriors used brass and percussion instruments to convey information in this way. Nowadays, it can be anything from a classic drum kit to controller pads.


But the more music developed, the richer it became. Often action music goes with wind and strings. These instruments enrich a track, making it more powerful.


As the form of high contrasts action needs a dynamic range. Light percussion can turn into bass drums and back. Also, composers like to boost these accents by layering sounds. They appear between different parts of a track to hit the major accents more.

Playlist of the week: action music

What is this music for?

The name speaks for itself. It fits everything connected with an active storyline. It may be:

  • Videos made with action cameras or drones
  • Sports
  • Fights
  • Travels
  • Race

Don’t worry about the right compositions. They are already waiting for you in the playlist here. Pick a soundtrack below or explore more at Fugue.

Emmraan — Break The Rules
Simon Jomphe Lepine — Boom Boom
AleXZavesa — Inspiration Future Bass
Grey March — Grey March
Draganov89 — Triumphant Victory
Earmake — Flying High
Nargo Music — Cinematic Dubstep
Vermos — Dark Love
Nargo Music — Action Trailer

About the author: Lisa Zelenskaya, music producer at Fugue. Passionate about music and media. She explores new genres, styles, and musicians even in her spare time. She also loves teaching kids and presenting new artists to the audience.

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