Meet our second musical digest. This time I’ll tell you a bit about chill music. We all need some extra energy from time to time. So, how about recharging your batteries right now?

Harvard researchers found that listening to slow or meditative music has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. Moreover, adding music to rehabilitative processes helps patients heal faster.

And according to scientists, slow classical music is the best, but not the only choice. The key point is tempo. A melody, rhythm, and harmony should be simple and predictable. Fantastic, if the tracks contain sounds of nature. Such chillout music will help you to ease your mind.

Fugue provides a variety of soft tracks for sleeping, meditation, studying, and more. For you, I have collected some lovely relaxation pieces:

  • Strawberry Candy — Dark Night In The City
  • Beatavin — Mo Good
  • Svetlana Shelygina — Memories of the past
  • Max Sergeev — Cosmos
  • Ilya Marfin — Think Of You
  • Tal Babitzky — Night Mood
  • Glowing Palace — Your Hands, My Shelter
  • Simon Jomphe Lepine — Meditation In Tibet
  • Samsara — OWLS

If you want more, check out our beautiful, calm, chill, hypnotic, peaceful, relaxed, and soft music tracks.

Also, you can use chill music to create the right atmosphere in the wellness industry. Soft and peaceful music helps clients to get in a treatment mood.

And you can use this playlist for your videos. It would work great for any smooth and atmospheric footage. It’s perfect for conveying peaceful vibes or emphasize man and nature’s greatness.

You can find more background music for your videos on Fugue’s website:

Make sure to check out our Musical digest #1. And may the force of calm be with you!

About the author: Lisa Zelenskaya, music producer at Fugue. Passionate about music and media. She explores new genres, styles, and musicians even in her spare time. She also loves teaching kids and presenting new artists to the audience.

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