Check a set of steps based on the experience of the best Christmas songs in history and create your perfect tune for the Icons8 holiday playlist.

No matter what age we are, it seems that these tunes will always take us back through time to our happiest moments in childhood. Certainly, this kind of music goes hand in hand with the feeling of the falling snow and cozy-decorated house where a happy family spends time together.

If you want your listener to be aspiring exactly that sort of a feeling, here are some parts to remember.

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Keep It Thematic

That is one of the best things about deciding to write a Christmas tune. Fortunately, there is no need for spending sleepless nights calling for a muse. All you have to do is recollect all the memories you have received through your personal experience of celebrating the holiday. Here are some items you might keep in mind while creating: drifting of large snowflakes, the crackling of a fireplace, glowing Christmas lights, and wrapping gifts.

Make It Pleasant

The tune should consist of warm, nostalgic, and romantic imagery. No doubt, this is a win-win approach for writing a perfect Christmas melody. Is there anybody who wants to get depressed by listening to X-mas music? All of us full of great expectations about the year ahead, so let the magic begin with your music.

Make It Swing

By and large, all Christmas carols have a spinning feel. Surprisingly these tunes make us want to swing together with falling snow, don’t they? Such hits as «It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas» by Perry Como or «It’s the most wonderful time of the year» by Andy Williams make the perfect examples to convey that feeling.

Make Some Space

Christmas melodies are usually enriched with a feeling of fresh air and wide spaces. Imagine a snow globe with a cute little object among the snowflakes inside and so that you will be on the right way. «The Christmas Waltz» by Frank Sinatra conveys this picture wonderfully. Shake it, but don’t turn it into a shambles.

Make It Jingle

It might seem obvious if it weren’t one of the key points in creating a melody. So if you come up against a brick wall, use this trick. It’s hard to believe, but even the heaviest metal song can be easily transformed into a Christmas melody just by adding a few bells over the melody.

And now it’s your turn to say something to the world with your music. I believe these little tips will help you create the perfect Christmas tune we are all waiting for.

So, let’s get to work then!

Don’t forget to send it to us at Good luck!

About the author: Elizaveta Zelenskaya, music producer for Fugue music library.

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