On June 25th, the world honors the Beatles, the greatest rock band in history. There is no better day to listen to a rock playlist!

And as much as the world loves rock music, so do we. With the playlist below, I would like to introduce our fiery authors.

What if they are the new greatest rock stars? Well, lucky you. Use them in your videos today and for free! Don’t forget that you can find more rock tracks on Fugue.

LemonMusicStudio — Kick The Door
WinnieTheMoog — Dyatlov Pass
Weary eyes — Lightfighter
Constantine Horizon — They were running under the starry sky
PiccadilyCircus — British Guitar Rock Tune
INOD — Energizer
RZRS — Cetacean
Yevhen Lokhmatov — This rock is hard
Sun Q — Plankton
Stage Engine — Take The Air

Enjoy Global Beatles Day, and let there be rock!

Check out our musical selection for World Music Day and other collections of music:

About the author: Lisa Zelenskaya, music producer at Fugue. Passionate about music and media. She explores new genres, styles, and musicians even in her spare time.

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