To start the new year with a new beginning, we decided to make a weekly music digest for you. We’ll talk about music genres, styles or tracks, or tricks. But not only. Each article contains a playlist. Listen and enjoy it for free 🙂

For a start, let me take you into the world of electronic music. Rather, to draw your attention today to something specific. So, let’s have a ride on a big synth(esizer) wave.

Synthwave is an instrumental genre based on electronic instruments such as analog synthesizers. It started in the middle of 2000s as a nostalgia act for 1980s culture with its movies, games and specific style.

The second conceptual core of synthwave stands for technology and science. But what does it have in common with the music? The answer is simple. If you try to recall movies or culture of that time, certain things will immediately come to mind. Such as futuristic cars, science fiction, computers, neon lights. Synthwave conveys all that with amazing precision.

What mood would this music go well with? Here are some categories that popped into my mind: action, intense, aggressive, uplifting or chill.

You can find exactly these ones or discover more yourself at

Feel free to use this music for your videos. But check the licensing terms 😉 Do not forget to mention us once your work is ready. We will be happy to share your video on our social media 🙂

About the author: Lisa Zelenskaya, music producer at Fugue. Passionate about music and media. She explores new genres, styles, and musicians even in her spare time. She also loves teaching kids and presenting new artists to the audience.

Title photo from Moose Photo Stock

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