Let’s continue disrupting stock photography. Icons8 Photos 2.0 combines machine learning and professional photography to build up a creative community. Use a variety of models, objects, and backgrounds and customize photos together with other creators. Just like developers do on GitHub. It’s just been released on Product Hunt, so welcome to join the discussion. Or learn about the upgrades right here.

Key Problem of Photo Stocks

The key problem of stock photography websites is the lack of diversity. The photo libraries are full of stereotypes and cliches. Remember “Oh salad, you are so funny” meme?

funny salad meme

Or try to find a photo of a plump dark-skinned businesswoman – and it will take much more time and effort than you could imagine.

business woman photo

All that considerably limits the potential of creators that need photo content but have no time, skills or budget to make a custom photo shooting.

Solution: Diversity of Models for Customizable Photos

When we first released Icons8 Photos, it already offered the photos that were created to harmonically work together and looked consistent. Also, we wanted to go beyond the limits increasing the number and diversity of photos with a simple idea: to make 100 images in the studio, add 100 backgrounds, and get 10,000 photos. In fact, the number strives to infinity if we combine various people, photographed and 3D-rendered props, and 3D-rendered interiors.

That’s what we did. Yet, we got a bunch of comments that our stock missed some characters and that we have more white models than any others. And it was a solid complaint. Though we were doing our best: casting different models, planing photo stories, shooting in Moscow and Buenos Aires, it wasn’t fast enough to fulfill all the requests. We were searching for a way of creating a diversity of photos faster. So, we decided to mask models and objects and combine them. It gave us more stock pictures for sure, but it was just 10 photos masked per day. Still quite slow. Then we implemented AI-based masking. Got much faster.

Next step was to build a Photo Creator that allows users to compose realistic collages from our photos.

photo creator gallery

It indeed gave more freedom to creators who needed to tell a specific story, but our photo stock still lacked plenty of situations. What’s more, some users wanted the already existing collages with minor editions but couldn’t influence the free images already existing in the stock. That made us take the further step. With a new version of the free photo stock, users get much more power in dealing with photos than just to download free pictures.

You know where it’s all going. Now, Icons8 Photo 2.0. is not just a resource, it’s a creative community. Today we are using community creative power to build the most diverse photo stock. Now everyone can not only choose the pictures from thousands of ready-made photos but also add his or her two cents to the stock photo gallery:

  • recompose the photo
  • publish it
  • get likes from the community
photo stock


With the upgraded Icons8 Photos, every user is able to influence the world of stock photography without a camera. Here are some of the features that enhance the user experience of a stock photo user.

Models reflecting the diversity of genders, ages, cultures and body types

icons8 photo diversity of photo models

Today, Icons8 Photos 2.0. presents multiple cultures, non-binary genders, various age groups, and body types. All the models are provided in a wide variety of posing, emotions, outfits, and even social roles.

diverse gallery of models

That makes it easy to mix them for more and more specific visual stories.

talkative clients how to deal how to deal with difficult clients

clients types articleAll the people in these photo collages were photographed at various times and locations

Filters for better search results

icons8 photos

As the gallery is growing on a daily basis, we wanted to improve the search experience. So, now users have filters that allow for tuning the search process according to particular needs. Searching through the gallery of models, you can specify:

  • age
  • gender
  • race
  • hair
  • body type
  • special features (tattoos, for examples)

Recomposing and feedback from the community

Now users get more space to be active. Now only they can download thousands of photos that are already presented in the gallery but also they have the functionality to recompose the existing collages and save their own versions. Just like developers do with the code on GitHub.

photo in web design tips

In addition, users can like the photos that appeal to them and this way move them to the top of the feed.


icons8 photo stock

All the photos are downloaded high-quality and free for a link.

In case you want to use the photos without credits, buy the license:  it’s $20/month and except photos, it also opens full access to icons, vectors, and royalty-free music.

Who Icons8 Photos Can Help?

Icons8 Photos is helpful for all the creators that need photo content. These could be:

  • Marketing and advertising specialists
  • SMM managers
  • Content managers
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Content writers
  • Designers
  • Presentation makers and speakers
  • People that can’t take good photos but need them for effective work (teachers, students, etc.)

icons8 stock photos ui designExample: augmented reality scanner by Aurelien Salomon using Icons8 Photos

prototype ui design kitUI Kit for Android from UI8 called Prototype 86 uses numerous Icons8 photos of people and objects as attractive layout elements.

Influence the world of photography and forget about boring photos. Try it and let us know what you think. Your feedback is our way to make the product better. Share your thoughts here in comments or join the discussion on Product Hunt.

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