We’ve just released a new version of Photo Creator, a free photo collage maker that lets creators make custom images. Photo Creator 2.0 provides much more advantages: it is powered with AI, offers the extended gallery with thousands of masked elements, lets users try face swap and upload their own content. Join the release party on Product Hunt. Or welcome to learn more about the tool and its upgrades in this article.

Major Problem of Stock Photos

What’s the problem with stock photos? Most people, who deal with this kind of content regularly, will define it quickly: stock photos limit diversity. Just check them – and you get surrounded by thousands of stereotypes:

  • Remember “Oh salad, you are so funny” meme?
  • Remember all those business people that look like identical twins shaking hands all day long?
  • Why do obese people lose weight non-stop? And why is fitness only for young people?
  • Why do all families hug each other like there’s no tomorrow?
  • Why do freelancers work on the beach?
  • Why don’t transgenders have a life but fighting for their rights?
funny salad meme

No doubt, you can get add more points to the list right off the top of your head. That what makes the work with stock photo content hard and time-consuming:

  • you need to spend hours or even days to find the not-so-stereotypical photo – and for some topics that doesn’t seem possible.
  • you are limited to characters and compositions offered in the gallery – to change them, special software and skills are needed
  • the choice of model types does not vary for different social models, so you risk getting your project or article look like anyone’s else.

That’s the problem solved by Photo Creator.

photo creator gallery

Solution: Compose Photos You Need with AI and Diverse Gallery

We’ve built a magic tool for creating custom photos. It combines professional photography and machine learning to let users tune the images for their specific needs. The free collage maker upgraded to offer:

  • Thousands of masked models, objects, and 3D-rendered backgrounds. We actually shoot them, from castings and makeup to removing the price tags in Photoshop.
  • AI-powered face swap. Users are able to switch faces, make models smile or look another way.
  • AI-powered background removal. Before, we masked 10 photos a day. Now, we process 250 photos an hour.
  • It goes beyond the real-world limits, offering a variety of 3D-rendered characters like aliens or robots.
  • It doesn’t demand special skills in image editing: the easy collage maker interface is clear for anyone

Let’ dive a bit deeper into the functions and benefits.

Extended Gallery of Elements

diverse gallery of models

The big advantage of the new version is the extended gallery of elements:

  • tons of masked images with people of various ages, races, body types, special features, poses, emotions, and styles
  • variety of objects: food, plants, stationery, utensils, sports equipment, interior decor and so on
  • variety of backgrounds: we buy 3D models, compose scenes, and render them
  • diverse animals
  • models of funny aliens, robots and other stuff to add originality to photo stories

So, you do have a great choice of ready-made elements already integrated into the pic collage maker.

Face Swap

face swap in photo creator

One of the major upgrades of our free online collage maker is the functionality that allows users to change the face of a particular model. That is the way to diversify the variants of photo compositions and allows for creating tons of new characters. Face swapping is empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, the tool is learning to make the outcome better and better based on the analysis of user interactions and growing database. Try it, that’s really fun.

AI-Based Background Removal

ai clipping background removal

Fast gallery growth to empower the diversity of photos is now also supported by AI – and rocketing. The background removal goes way faster due to artificial intelligence dealing with the clipping process. At the beginning of work on the tool, we could process about 10 images per day – now it’s about 250 per hour. So, the variety of compositions to make in Photo Creator strives to endless.

Uploading Users’ Images

uploading images to photo creator

In this version, we also realized one of the most popular requests from Photo Creator users. Now you can upload your own images to the tool and use them in the process of creating photo collages. This way, users get the full freedom of creativity.

Who Is Photo Creator for?

Photo Creator is a simple and effective tool for all the creators that need photo content. These could be:

  • Marketing and advertising specialists
  • SMM managers
  • Content managers
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Content writers
  • Designers
  • Presentation makers and speakers
  • People that can’t take good photos but need them for effective work (teachers, students, etc.)

The tool enables all the mentioned groups to get quality photo content without special skills and costly software. All the images may be exported in JPEG and PSD. JPEGs are free for a link. PSDs are $20/month, which gives you all models and objects on your specific collages masked and layered. So, designers may tune and edit the photos further in Photoshop, if needed.

Break free from the limits of boring stock photography. Try it and let us know what you think. Your feedback is our way to make the product better for what users really need. Share your thoughts here in comments or join the discussion on Product Hunt.

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