Unsplash and Pexels may be great for moody shots and landscapes, but when it comes to studio photos, they often don’t cut it. That is where Icons8 Photos shine. We have a full studio staffed with designers and producers capturing people and objects in a consistent, ultra hi-def quality. No more editing photos to match or stitching unrelated themes together.

Version 3.0

This release is a full platform redesign, making it easier to find images through search and categories. On some photos, you can even change the background color before downloading. And of course, there are thousands of new photos to choose from!

What we capture

  • Diverse models
  • Tech products (such as phones, tablets, and laptops)
  • Descriptive scenes that are perfectly suited for blog posts
  • Transparent images with backgrounds removed

Use it or build it

Don’t see the right photo? No worries. You can create it using transparent clipped images in our unique Photo Creator. A truly powerful tool for creators.

Best of all, we give it away free, all we ask is you give us credit with a link.

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Try tools for creators by the Icons8 team:

Icons8 Icons8, a library of about 130K+ icons and clip art images
Offline app icons8 Offline app and plugins to drag’n’drop icons and clip art to any design tools
Moose Moose, the big collection of high-quality stock photos
illustrations Ouch! , a library of vector illustrations and collages
Background Remover Background Remover, AI-based online tool for removing background from any photo
Mega Creator Mega Creator, online tool for creating visual content from pre-made elements
Fugue Fugue, royalty free music for videos of any kind
Lunacy Lunacy, free graphic design software with built-in design resources
Smart Upscaler Smart Upscaler, image upscaler to enlarge and enhance images using AI
Generated Photos Generated Photos, unique, worry-free model photos generated by AI
Also, get the lists of free vector software and free photo editing software.
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