We are happy to launch Face Generator today, a tunable system to produce virtual faces that have never existed! This is one of the most user-requested features. Our customers needed more age diversity, head angles, and ethnic diversity. It took 6 months of custom development, training, and retraining using our photos to get it done. And now, here we go!

How it works
You start with a random face and create the face you want by choosing different options. Best of all, you can get multiple images of the same person: younger and older, glad and sad, male and female, etc.


  • Complete range of emotions
  • Adjustable head positions
  • Wide range of skin tones
  • Fine-grain age selection
  • Hair color selection (new – red hair)
  • Accessories options (makeup, glasses, and sunglasses)
  • Safe to use anywhere

Our images are worry-free
We train our machine learning systems on model-released images that we have captured in our studio. So don’t fret over expensive legal issues such as personality rights, BIPA, GDPR, or royalties!

Read the detailed article at delltechnologies.com

Join us on Producthunt.com or check Face Generator on our website.

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