Let’s discuss 7 website fonts trends for 2020 and a way to identify your own fonts, using a simple and free tool.

Fonts always were super important for the overall design of a website, poster, T-shirt, advertisement, etc., and they still are. You should pay huge attention to this aspect, a font can dramatically change your website design and feel.

It is important you know how we identified these font ideas and trends. We used several methods:

  • We discussed it with some of the experienced web designers
  • We analyzed several huge online publications and we discussed it with their chief editors.
  • We analyzed what the masses of people think about fonts trends

For 2020, I recommend you to take a look at these 7 website fonts ideas. Consider using them depending on your website design, company industry, business message and voice, and your marketing strategy. You should always test several fonts before deciding which one you will implement.

Let’s start.

Popping & Big Bold Fonts

typography trends for designers

Large and bold fonts are attracting huge attention from your website visitors. The largest online publications will change their actual design with the looks of old newspapers. Just look at this picture, would you read an online publication that would look exactly like this? I would, it looks awesome and has hardly any pictures, makes the topics much more visible and interesting.

Custom Hand Lettering Fonts

typography trends for designers

Hand lettering fonts look great and can make your website stand out of the crowd in seconds. But be advised, you should use them carefully, it is very simple to overcomplicate your website design.

Creative Outline Fonts

typography trends for designers

Some of the best logos in the world are using outline fonts. You will also find in headings and to emphasize parts of texts. Use them in 2020 for your website, just look at this picture and let your mind think about how to implement it in your projects. It looks awesome.

Vintage Fonts

typography trends for designers

Vintage and retro things are getting more and more present in our lives. Retro cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats are more and more demanded and bought.

We also look to buy vintage items and furniture. The same happens when we discuss vintage fonts. This trend will become more diversely present in 2020.

Minimalistic Fonts

typography trends for designers

Another huge trend, not only for fonts, is the minimalist design. Some of our homes follow the minimalist principles, so we discovered that it is much easier to live in such a décor. Less is more, right? Minimalistic fonts have a great impact on websites. Still, use them carefully, the overall website design should match the elegant and minimalistic font.

Contrasting Serif Fonts

typography trends for designers

You already saw the contrasting serif fonts on many online and written publications. Use them to make your texts stand out.

Varying Script Fonts

typography trends for designers

Scripts fonts were created to imitate the handwritten fonts. Use them whenever you want your content to look classic, playful, or serious.

Tool to Identify Fonts

I discovered the typography tool WhatFontIs that I have to share with you. It’s super cool. Identifying your own fonts with ease and without spending money is very useful. I discovered it on my own just a few days ago and since then I am using it several times each day.

typography tool for designers

You can easily create your very own collection of free and paid fonts, by using the following free and simple method.

Whenever you see a font that you like, take a picture and upload it on WhatFontIs – the effective font finder in the world. It is 100% free to use. The next step is to introduce the characters that WhatFontIs identified. This happens automatically if you are registered (I registered quickly).

Right after, this powerful AI software will identify the font you are looking for, it will tell you if it is free or paid, how much it costs, and where to get it from. You will also get over 60 similar free and paid fonts.

WhatFontIs has over 600k indexed fonts, it works with all foundries, including Google Fonts, and it is the only system that identifies both free and paid fonts. Take a look and play with this tool.

About the author: this is the guest article by the TopDesignMag team
Title image by Wells Collins

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