Web Usability: 7 Elements Every Website Should Have in 2019

Websites are an important part of your brand’s online presence. Even with social media and many other things going on, websites are still very much relevant to business goals. But they have come very far since the early days, and more bells and whistles are needed now.

Make sure your website is on point and not just a waste of time and money to maintain. Having these eight elements makes your website every bit useful for you and your audience.

Responsive Design

The website must look good and be perfectly useable, no matter what platform it’s viewed in. It’s because you can’t choose whether most of your users use only desktop or mobile. Wherever they view it on, your website has to work as intended.

Therefore, responsive design is incredibly important for this reason. Since first impressions last, you want people to like your website at first glance and interaction.
Without responsive design, they’ll most likely be turned off right on the first contact.


UX matters a lot in building trust and loyalty for your website. One of the first things that people interact with on a website is the navigation. It shows whatever is on the website and lets users understand how deep they can go. It’s no good if it’s either disorganized, make little to no sense, or hard to use.

Keeping it simple to show only the parts and/or categories on the website that really matter. The more stuff you have to put into your navigation, the harder it is to use. Also, have a search bar to let users be able to look for what’s not easily found in navigation.


Many websites depend on stock images to add visual elements to their content. They’re convenient; they may not do as well in having your audience engage with your content. This is even more so if they’re of low resolution or just not of high enough quality.

Having real photos of your team and office give your audience a closer look at your business. They make for a more authentic display that they’ll be able to appreciate and relate with. You can also add videos that hit the right balance of production value and authenticity.

You’ll be able to make your audience interested in paying attention to what you do.

Reviews and Testimonials

Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Having it on your website can help your business be more credible. Almost 80% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials, according to a study.

They are seen as personal recommendations, thus leading to more conversion. They tend to contain first-hand accounts of interacting with the business in question. Of course, you want it to be tastefully done and not be too obnoxious, so placement is critical.

Social Media

Your website must be meant to work together with your social media. Therefore, you should have at least links to your social media profiles easily visible. There should also be share buttons on your content so people can share it to their profiles.

If you’re able to, you should also add widgets and other forms of social media integration. Without social media integration, your website will look and feel like an island.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Business websites tend to be visited because people are searching for answers. While your content should have most of what they may need, it may not be enough sometimes. That’s when live chat can come in to help users with their questions and concerns in real time.

Since your visitors around the world are using Messenger, it is excellent to make use of a Facebook Messenger Chat on your site. If you’re using Facebook Messenger chat for customer service, product recommendations, promotions and marketing, WP-Chatbot is the best way to add Messenger chat to a WordPress website.

This plugin has an easy install and set up, lets you set up a custom greeting, and integrate with the Full MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger Solutions Platform, allowing you create a chatbot programmed to answer the messages/chat automatically.

Bonus tip: Want to grow your Facebook contacts? With no coding required, Checkbox Plugin on your site to effortlessly increase your Facebook contacts.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Finally, the element that brings in the conversions must be put in place. A CTA statement guides visitors to actions like buying something or subscribing to a newsletter. You then add a CTA button when it’s necessary or fitting to make it easy for people to convert.

Calls-to-action should not meander about but get to the point as concisely as possible. Also, the website is in itself a CTA as many people tend to visit to find contact information. Therefore, having phone numbers, email address, contact form, or so on easily visible is crucial.

About the Author: this is the guest post by Larry Kim, the CEO of MobileMonkey, the Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder, and the founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and keyword tools used by marketers worldwide. Larry is ranked the #8 most popular author on Medium. He’s a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine.

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