UI Inspiration: 20 Eye-Pleasing Mobile Design Concepts

A new bunch of UI design examples is ready. This time it’s all about mobile interfaces. Enjoy and get inspired!

We’ve collected the set of mobile design examples created in different styles and solving different problems users can face. The mobile screens feature various creative approaches to the design of buttons, menus, icons, and other controls; designers implement illustrations, split screens, trendy fonts, and other ways to make the interfaces not only functional but also eye-pleasing.

Picturesque app design concept by Walid Beno features artistic illustrations depicting planets and harmonically combined with general screen layouts.

Tech e-commerce app concept by Fireart Studio features a minimalistic and airy interface that creates a great background for graphics of items; by the way, it also features the photo from our Moose photo stock.

Reader application designed by Cuberto is based on the light color scheme and bright colors for visuals and interactive accents.

Airy, minimalist, and neuromorphic interface concept for a music app by Riotters.

The calorie calculator app concept by Tubik is based on green and white color contrast, clear navigation, and custom interactive graphics.

Warm, easily readable, and minimalist app concept designed for driver management flow by DTail Studio.

Plant app concept by Fireart Studio based on shades and nuances, smooth curves, and readable typography.

The design concept for the pet adoption application by Marina Logunova uses the contrast color scheme and catchy photo content.

Finance application concept by Sebo done in moderate blue and white color scheme with color accents in green.

The colorful and artistic app design concept with custom graphics by Walid Beno for the bird encyclopedia.

Stylish interface for a task tracker app by Tubik uses a variety of navigation elements, solid contrast, bright accents, and infographics to visualize data.

Tasty and colorful app design by Eddie Lobanovski features the combination of illustrations with bright interactive elements.

Beautiful onboarding screens with custom illustrations for a food delivery app concept designed by UI8.

Book subscription app design concept with vibes of neuromorphism, limited color palette, and custom graphics by Riotters.

The business-like interface design concept for a storage management application by Widelab.

Skeuomorphic app concept for mobile banking in elegant dark theme with bright color accents by Heartbeat Agency.

The neat and functional interface for the conceptual app designed by Balkan Brothers to gather more insights on the communication between doctors, clinicians, and patients.

Monochrome app design concept using interface illustrations by Nickelfox.

Elegant and eye-pleasing mobile interface design for a recipe application by Pham Huy.

The dental care app design concept by Anastasia features a lovely color palette and theme illustration for onboarding.

About the author: Marina Yalanska, content writer and design researcher, Managing Editor for Icons8 Blog.

For more UI inspiration, we also welcome you to check the review of popular UI design trends and sets of dashboard designs, tab bar animationsloading animations, and web designs with hero illustrations


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