For UI/UX designers, dashboard design is always a challenge of arranging lots of data in an effective and aesthetically pleasant way.

A dashboard is a type of user interface that visualizes particular KPIs (key performance indicators) for a specific goal or process. Dashboards are about data visualization and infographics. They help users quickly overview performance metrics, notice positive or negative trends, and measure efficiencies. Charts, diagrams, status bars, progress bars, and all sorts of filters — sometimes it can be hard to fit them all onto one screen. We have gathered some ideas to get you inspired, including examples of how other designers in custom web design solve this task.

hubspot marketing dashboard
Marketing Hub Dashboard by HubSpot
dashboard design
Educational app dashboard by 10Clouds
Innovative User Interface by Creative Tim
Innovative User Interface by Creative Tim
smart home dashboard
Dashboard for Smart Home app by Widelab
game design dashboard
A user interface for game dashboard by uixNinja
food delivery dashboard
Food delivery dashboard by Cuberto
dashboard user interfaces
Dashboard user interface by DStudio
sections dashboard
Shopify sections dashboard by Zemez WordPress Studio
ice cread dashboard design
Dashboard for ice cream brand by Outcrowd
time management dashboard
Time management dashboard by Paperpillar
meeting dashboard design
Meeting dashboard by DStudio
betting platform dashboard
Betting platform dashboard by Vlad Ermakov
clean mac dashborad
Dashboard for Mac cleaning app by Outcrowd
dashboard elements design
Dashboard design concept by Tran Mau Tri Tam
dashboard ui design
Dashboard interface concept by uixNinja
dashboard design concept
Dark-skinned dashboard design concept by DStudio
analytics dashboard design
Dashboard for analytics management system by Fireart Studio
money management dashboard
Finance management dashboard by Orely
file manager dashboard
File manager dashboard by UGEM
home budget app dashboard
Dashboard for Home Budget app by Tubik
blog dashboard animation
Blog dashboard by Tubik
Responsive dashboard by Taras Migulko
A dashboard designed for a health-focused service by Balkan Brothers

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About the author: Marina Yalanska, content writer and design researcher, Managing Editor for Icons8 Blog.

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