As one-third of the global population has stayed at home due to coronavirus lookdown, it can be a perfect opportunity to take a bit of load off and save the world from your sofa. Here are some design ideas to take your sweet-home time with a boost for your creativity!

Colorize Malika Favre’s Drawings

A British design publishing house Counter Books has collaborated with French illustrator based in London Malika Favre to create a pack drawing ready-to-colorize. All drawings are free to download and print: this is a small gift from edition and all artists who have contributed to making your lookdown weeks a bit more creative. You can find the pack on Malika’s Instagram page or the Colourmein project website. Don’t forget to post your creations on Instagram and tag it to #colourmein.

malika favre malika favre malika favre malika favre colorize

Start a Creative Challenge

If you need a leg up to create a new design or learn some new design tips, lockdown time might be also a good chance to work on practicing, so why not take up a design challenge? Alone or in a team with your colleagues or friends, just set a challenge theme, timing and keep on: write one text, create one poster, design one interface, and so on. You can also register to one of the design challenge platforms as Daily Creative Challenge or Daily UI according to your mood and the skills you want to improve. Working in innovation? A French platform Agorize launch open design innovation challenges to put students, developers, designers, start-ups in touch with major brands. Can’t find the one you are looking for? Then launch your own and invite your Facebook or Instagram followers, or just your friends to join. Share your works, ask for feedback, comment on other works, play a game! That will definitely add new vibes to your home time.

Learn How to Be a Boss with Anna Wintour

The Masterclass platform offers access to workshops from creative world icons. So, the Vogue Editor-in-Chief teaches creative leadership during 12 online classes, it’s a pretty unique chance to have some exclusive Wintour’s tips and insights. You can also learn photography with Annie Leibovitz, self-expression with RuPaul, filmmaking with Martin Scorsese and acting with Nataly Portman. Such a great way to boost your artistic and management skills with world-known professionals.

anna wintour anna wintour promo poster

Watch the Films by Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit, the Helvetica film director has decided to stream freely his films during the COVID-19 crisis. Every week he puts online one new film, right now it’s Urbanized, a documentary about the design of cities which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers.

  • March 31 to April 7: Urbanized
  • April 7 to 14: Rams
  • April 14 to 21: Extras, Extras, Extras!
  • April 21 to 28: TBA

No more need to look for a film to watch, you can simply go to Hustwit’s website and spend your evening discovering design history and practices.

nyc subway sign-helvetica helvetica film

Rediscover Classics

Archisutra, a new architecture and design sex manual reinvents some themes from Kama Sutra, an ancient guide to love and sex. Conceived by London-based architect Miguel Bolivar, the book proposes a large series of positions and descriptions inspired from iconic design furniture and architecture buildings. The edition seeks to know how should we design for sex, so you can now try to answer with your love and spice up your design lockdown.

the archisutra the archisutra the archisutra

About the author: this is the guest article by Anastasiia Kondratieva, junior art director & 360° designer, researcher, artist and fashion addict based in France.

Title image from Kingdom pack on Ouch, free vector library

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