New flexible pricing is introduced to all Icons8 users. But don’t worry about your current plan or free usage with link attribution, they stay as they are.

We are delighted to have grown with you over the last few years, scaling our assets and making the world a more beautiful place! While our product offerings have changed dramatically, our pricing model has not changed. It’s been free for a link or unlimited for $19.90/mo ($199/yr) for a long time:

icons8 pricing 2014-2020

Now, the time has come. Starting June 18th we introduce new pricing plans:

pricing 2020 icons8
  • We are introducing individual subscriptions for Icons, Photos, Illustrations, and Music – starting at $24/mo each. Many people have asked for the ability to purchase products separately and we have taken it to heart!
  • The full set of Icons8 offerings will be $89/mo – for 4 types of assets and 4 great tools. Plus we offer 20% off for the yearly subscriptions.
  • In order to better support all customers and curb abuse, we added reasonable download limitations. These limits will cover the needs of most subscribers.
  • And, yeah, what’s free – stays free! The free plan will remain in place, with link attribution required.

As part of this pricing change, the unlimited $19.90 Pro plan will be archived. But, no worries,

Your current subscription will remain the same.

We look forward to supplying you with exceptional assets and tools for many years to come. By the way, we have recently added native Adobe Plugin, Figma Plugin, and a beautiful new icon style called Fluent. Check them out!

Thank you for being our loyal customer,

The Icons8 Team

Title illustration from Gummy pack on Ouch vector library

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