With a new Icons8 interface, finding icons for your UI design projects got even easier. Still, the library is growing, so some introductions on styles and themes may come in handy.

Recently we unveiled some icons pack for iOS design projects. Today let us offer you a sneak peek on some actual material design icons in theme packs. All of them are designed according to the icon design principles in Material Design Guidelines and presented in 5 styles:

Each icon is designed minimalist with only essential features, as it’s demanded according to guidelines. Let’s check what they look like.

Material 2.0 Icons

Material Icons 2.0 line wired icons glyph material design flat iconsAnimation showing the difference of styles for material icons 2.0

material iconsCinema Icons

Filled Material Icons

material icons filledTransport Filled Icons

material icons filled financeFinance Icons

material design iconsNew icons requested by our users, mixed

Outlined Material Icons

science icons material outlinedScience Icons

science icons material designScience and Studies Icons

material design iconsMaths Icons

outlined material icons transportTransport Icons

material outlined iconsTransport Icons

banking icons material designBanking Icons

Rounded Material Icons

material rounded food iconsFood Icons

material transport icons roundedTransport Icons

Two Tone Material Icons

two-tone material iconsFood Icons

baby two tone icons material designBaby Icons

two tone material icons transportTransport Icons

Sharp Material Icons

material icons sharpTransport Icons

As you could notice, recently we worked a lot on a diversity of transport icons for material design. Just for a quick reminder, all the icons in our library (now it’s over 86000) can be used free for a link in their basic format and edited with design tools built in right into the app. In case you want to get them in a variety of formats and sizes and use without our credits, check the options of licenses. Also, we accept your requests on new icons of particular style and themes. Join in, new sets are coming soon.

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