Time to mark another milestone: the Icons8 collection reached the mark of 80 000 icons and continues growing day by day. To give you a sneak peek on some of the sets, we’ve gathered here some icon packs aimed at designing for iOS. Check them and find the ones you need for your UI design project. By the way, this week we’ve reached 4000+ Glyph icons for iOS 11 tab bars and almost 13 000 of iOS icons.

With all that stuff, designers really have the variety to choose from, whatever is the theme of the project. Don’t waste your time matching icons from different icon packs – just open this one and take them all in one place, designed to work together on one project.

Click the link to see the extended icon pack on each theme 

ios 11 glyph iconsIOS 11 tab bar icons

ios city iconsCity icons

city buildings ios iconsCity buildings

parenting iconsParenting icons

ios icons svg logosSVG logo icons

ios icons collectionNew icons mix

diy icons iosDIY icons

food iconsDiet icons

animal iconsAnimals and birds icons

superhero icons iosSuperhero icons

culture ios iconsCulture icons

historic icons iosHistoric icons


accessories clothing icons8Clothing and accessories icons 

ios icons packFood iOS 11 glyph icons

Check the collection of creative concepts for animated icons and read how to use icons on landing pages.

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