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Team Power: 30+ Digital Illustrations About Teamwork

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” Michael Jordan once said. As well as in sports, for business, design, production, and all types of creative projects it works the same way. Perhaps, that is the reason why so many artists use sports motifs to set the theme and mood of teamwork. Today we offer you to feel the power of teamwork via the collection of digital illustrations in different styles, all united with the theme but visualizing it in different ways.

Here you’ll find the diversity of artworks that could be applicable to blog posts, landing pages, banners, social marketing, posters, magazine pages, covers, etc. Some of them directly show the process of creation, some use popular associations with team sports, and the others turn to uncommon visual metaphors. And some illustrations make it look like the successful team is barely possible without cats or dogs on board, ha-ha. Enjoy and get inspired!

Teamwork in Creating Digital Products

Teamwork in a digital agency in the illustration by Ani.

Screens, charts, and gradients in the artwork by Dmytro Novitskyi.

Teamwork with office vibes in the illustration from Taxi pack on Ouch.

A cute piece of digital art by Anya Perepelkina combining the theme of teamwork with nature vibes and geometric details.

Teamwork illustration by Agnieszka for the uncommon occasion, joining the forces of two AI tools together.

Digital illustration by Asana sharing cosmic vibes to introduce the design team on Meduim.

Trendy illustration featuring creative process in team by Nata Schepy.

Web design process done by team in the illustration by Josh Warren.

Explanatory illustration by Atlassian showing how team management software unites the efforts of different specialists.

One of the most important treasures in software design is a good mate by your side, says Ilona Rybak in her illustration.

Cartoonish illustration by Tubik featuring a team working on a mobile application.

Design process done by a team in the digital artwork by Kit8.

Geometric illustration by Plato Design sharing the vibes of a team working on a digital product.

The girls teaming up to work out data and user interactions in the illustration by Kit8.

Neat artwork by Patswerk showing how designers and developers work as one team for the sake of the product growth.

Dynamic illustration by Dmitrii Kharchenko shares the idea of team forces management.

Another bright illustration sharing the idea of team management designed by Alice Lee for Slack.

Digital illustration by Paperpillar on teamwork in the process of digital product creation.

Teamwork Illustrations with Sports Motifs

Illustration on teamwork associated with cycling from the Fogg pack on Ouch, the library of free vectors.

Variety of sports and nations featured in the teamwork illustration by Down the Street Designs.

Another illustration built on the sports associations from Marginalia pack on Ouch.

Basketball vibes in teamwork illustration by Tubik.

Team success associated with a basketball game in the illustration from the Pablo pack on Ouch.

Interesting Visual Metaphors for Teamwork Illustrations

Funny ants instantly sharing the idea of team power in the artwork from Taxi pack on Ouch.

Cover for Klasse Magazine on working together in the classroom by Timo Kuilder.

Digital artwork by Dropbox Design for the article telling how modern teams want to work.

Teamwork illustration by Pawel Olek based on the metaphor of completing the jigsaw puzzle.

Detailed and elegant digital artwork by Veopen featuring the idea of building a house with the team.

Bright and catchy illustration by Dmitrii Kharchenko shares the collective power applied to creative goals.

Lovely digital artwork by Brad Kuzen shares the idea of the united creative power.

Poster illustration by Tania Yakunova is built on the idea of an acrobatic feat.

Review the Ouch library of free vectors for more topics and arts. New theme collections are coming soon!

Check the collection of illustrations about education, the set of web design examples with hero illustrations, and get a list of free vector software and free drawing software.


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