The new platform, new faces, new styles. Meet the updated Generated Photos, the most consistent AI-generated media available. Today it’s released on Product Hunt, so welcome to join the release party or learn more about the platform right here.

What’s New

In short, the platform sharing AI-generated faces got much improvement for the seven months since its first launch. The essential updates to mention are:

  • Radically improved quality
  • Natural styling option
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • 2 million+ faces
  • Advanced filtering and sorting
ai generated photos

Diversity of AI-Generated Faces

The Generated Photos team produces incredibly realistic faces using machine learning. Now they are happy to officially release the web platform, along with nearly 2 million next-generation faces. As the people on the photos do not exist, the images hold no additional copyrights, use rights, royalties, and are safe to use commercially in any legal fashion.

ai generated photos

Generated Photos launched with the 100,000 Faces project a little over 7 months ago, taking 3rd in the Golden Kitty awards for AI/ML! From that project, the team received great feedback, in particular on areas where realism could be increased. The most common suggestion being to show more flaws, real people don’t have perfect skin after all.

With that in mind, they trained an all-new ‘natural’ generative adversarial network on more diverse source photos, captured right in the Icons8 photo studio. Biased or not, we think it worked great. The resulting faces are more consistent in quality, style, and realism than ever before.

ai generated photos

Updated Functionality

To make these new photos easier to work with we also added:

  • Transparent backgrounds (or change to a color you wish)
ai generated photos
  • More whitespace around heads (continually improving)
  • Better classification of physical attributes
  • Easy bulk selection, even if you are looking for complex demographics
ai generated photos

Ways to Use

What are faces like this used for? The community that already reached 10k+ has used the generated images for:

  • persona building
  • enterprise trials
  • e-commerce
  • advertising
  • face-swapping
  • research applications
  • art exhibits
  • crime prevention, and much more.
ai generated photos

Interesting Numbers

As for the numbers, we could mention:

  • 3 months of studio time shooting non-professional models for training data
  • 2 completely new machine learning models for stunning realism
  • 1 custom platform that identifies characteristics for filtering and selecting large groups of photos.

This is just the first stage in building a full toolset in the creative AI space. Give the generated photos a try and let us know any feedback you may have.

ai generated photos


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