We interviewed lots of users and analyzed tons of user-rated results to understand what you really want from Background Remover. Check out what’s new.

1. Improved handling of graphics

We learned that people extensively used our remover to cut out complex graphic elements from solid backgrounds. That is what we focused on. Now, Background Remover works way better with all sorts of logos, lettering, signatures, and similar graphics.

removing background from illustration remove background from image letters with removed background

2. Precise edges

To make the edges of cutouts smoother we doubled the resolution of the transparency mask that the remover places over the original image.

photo of a car jewellery photo photo handled by background remover

3. Background swap and other features

Now, you can replace existing backgrounds with solid-color and photo backgrounds from the gallery or any image of yours.

Swapping backgrounds in Background remover by Icons8

If you want to enlarge or enhance your resulting image, you can jump to our Smart Upscaler right from the Remover.

Soon, we are going to add the corrector that will help you manually edit the resulting images: erase the objects that the Background Remover decided to leave or restore some details. Other handy features are coming.


And one more news. We introduce subscription plans. Occasional users will still be able to remove the background from three images for free. Subscribers will get faster priority processing and further service enhancements.

How we would spend the money earned from subscriptions:

  • Train and improve the AI model behind the Background Remover
  • Get more servers to cater to the rising amount of new users and process images faster

If you are already anxious, hit the button below and erase all the backgrounds you always wanted to.

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