Just in a while after sharing a pack of 100K faces made by AI, the Generated Photos team makes another leap and releases Generated Photos API. It seems AI-generated images have never looked better. Now you can integrate worry-free headshot photos made by artificial intelligence into your application with the simple REST API, and get started for free. Join the release party on Product Hunt or explore the details about it right here.

Short Introduction into Generated Photos

Generated Photos is the resource of AI-generated images that strives to be the most practical way to get high-quality generated faces for both commercial content and personal projects. Now it offers:

• Fully tagged and searchable faces
• No sourcing, model releases, and hassles
• AI-flaw detection for incredible consistency
• Assets by AI trained on licensed, exclusive data

ai generated photos

All the free images were produced completely by artificial intelligence. None of these people is real!

Where to Use Generated Photos

Generated Photos can be effectively used for:

  • design and prototyping
  • chatbots
  • advertising
  • social media
  • gaming
  • anonymity protection
  • research projects and applications
  • templates
  • education
  • personas
  • medical documentation
  • software documentation, and much more.
ai generated photos

Artificial Intelligence Helping Creators

When the Generated Photos team launched the 100,000 Faces tech demo a few months ago, they also teased the core work. The main goal is creating a versatile API that serves AI-generated content. Today they took off the wraps off of their v1 API. Now the permissive AI-generated headshot photos can be easily integrated into any project.

ai generated photos

This new API offers fully tagged and searchable access to faces across age ranges, ethnicities, and physical attributes. The team is constantly improving the output results and developed a brand new AI system to make sure faces that seem too ‘off’ never make it to production. This new process delivers class-leading consistency for AI developed imagery.

ai generated photos

Personal use is available for free with attribution and commercial licenses are now available as well.

Generated Photos makers are already creating new products with this API internally and are very excited to see what the community produces. Interest for headshot images has already come in from research projects, dementia testing applications, 3D facial animation programs, advertisers, and many more creative cases that have been left behind by traditional stock media.

ai generated photos

If you have custom needs or a showcase project you want to use AI-generated images on, you can contact the team and let them know.

The main photo platform allows users to filter, sort, download, and vote on 100k+ pre-created headshot images; all powered by the Generated Photos API.

What Makes Generated Photos Special

Media coverage for AI typically focuses on deep fakes, but the Generated Photos team chose to see things on the brighter side. AI-based media has many wholesome uses such as for people who are trying to protect their anonymity, avoid embarrassing situations, or reach new audience members through image tailoring. With this release, they claim their wish and hope to start moving generated content out of ‘vaporware’ and into the hands of real users.

  • The team developed the safest AI production process, which involved taking tens of thousands of model-released images in their own studio.
  • The model images are made from scratch by the machine learning systems, meaning they carry no additional usage restrictions such as copyrights, or sensitive-use clauses.
  • The images feature incredible detail and consistency compared to other generative offerings available.
  • They offer the ability to directly integrate our faces into nearly any app or website on-demand and at scale.
ai generated photos

Case Study: Dating Websites

One of the examples of using AI-generated faces is dating websites and companies. As DatingAdvice mentions in their article, global dating site entrepreneurs often face the issue of using stock photos to add diversity to their websites and landing pages. The photos of this type present an economical option to foster inclusivity and build a worldwide dating brand. Without them, entrepreneurs would need to find diverse models to become the faces of their worldwide network of websites. But both options mean that real people are attached to your product.

However, with Generated Photos, dating site owners can get images of people that appeal to singles who visit each country’s landing page without using stock photos or models. Artificial intelligence will create faces that are hyper-realistic — but don’t belong to a real person.

Try Generated Photos and have fun! Or join the discussion on Product Hunt

AI helping creators is not a fantastic thing anymore.

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