Freshly made helpers from the Icons8 team to save you time with some minor tasks: reset constraints, fit images, and preview in a dark mode in a second!

Have you ever caught yourself diving deep into adjusting one element in Figma after another? And instead of pushing forward the whole design process, you spend tens of minutes just to make sure that the settings of all layers are fine. Figma is a great tool with a lot of time-saving features, but sometimes in very narrow cases, we can’t help but meet its limits. That’s why we release these three tiny plugins: to help design nerds like us streamline the working process. Here they are:

Reset constraints

Resetting the constraints of all nested layers when you need to scale a complex object is painful. But not with this plugin. You no longer have to go through all the layers and frames one by one and dig in the settings panel. Save your time for creative tasks. Reset all constraints to Scale in a few clicks:

  1. Select the object you want to scale.
  2. Run the plugin.
  3. Get down to scaling.

Make images fit

Who knows why the guys from Figma decided that the default fill type for all the images you drop onto the canvas should be Fill. Why not Fit? We’ll never know that. But we know how to fix that.

  1. Select the images you want to fit
  2. Run the plugin.
  3. Enjoy!

Dark components preview

Instantly fix those irritating white squares in the previews of dark-themed components.

  1. Select your dark-themed components.
  2. Run the plugin.
  3. You’re welcome!

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And much more are on its way! Stay tuned to be the first to see.

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