Hey folks! Welcome the new member of the Icons8 product family. We’re launching Mega Creator, our new online app for creatives. Join the release party on Product Hunt, or learn the details in this post.

What is it?

Mega Creator is an online graphic editor that lets you create eye-catching designs in no time. You won’t need any special skills and costly design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

It is a tool for everyone who regularly needs custom visuals:

  • Designers and developers
  • SMM managers and bloggers
  • Educators and students

And many more, like copywriters, YouTubers, even sales reps.

Mega Creator embraces all the Icons8 graphic resources in one place:

You can also upload your logos and images and mix them up with our assets.

How it works

Way 1. Quick and easy

Mega Creator offers hundreds of customizable templates for popular social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Choose a template, edit it, and export the result. That’s it!

You can modify templates beyond recognition. Don’t like the girl? Replace it with a guy. Want to add more people to the scene? Go ahead! Change the background, edit text, tweak the fonts. It’s all super easy.

Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design: A template (left) and a custom ad based on the template

A template (left) and a custom ad based on the template

Way 2. Creative and fun

You can also create visual content from scratch using our graphics. In such a case, you start with a clean page, drop the stuff from the left panel onto the page, and arrange the scene as needed.

We take all our photos in similar environments (lighting, distance, etc.), which means they all go great with one another. So instead of spending hours looking for the right stock photo, you can create it to tell your story.

Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design: Collage like American Gothic picture

If you are going to play around with illustrations, we recommend that you stick to one style to make your work look professional. However, some of the styles also look great when mixed up.

Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design. Child drawing: Boy and cat

Cool features

We added some smart things to speed up your work:

  • Non-destructive cropping of photos and illustrations that can you can undo at any time in a single click
  • Background remover for uploaded images
  • Suggestions of similar photos and illustrations
  • Advanced search filters for photos

Behind the scenes

You may know that before rolling out Mega Creator, we had Vector and Photo Creators. We always wanted to crossbreed them somehow. It was only a matter of time and overcoming technical and UX issues. And there were lots of them!

First of all, we had to properly integrate all the current features of Vector and Photo Creators and make them work smoothly together. Then we incorporated icons and generated photos, and seasoned it all with new functionality.

We redesigned the navigation over assets to make it more comfortable for users. Now you can quickly find the right item in the library with minimum scrolling.

And finally, we had to transfer tons of templates to the new platform. Here are some failed offsprings of first crossbreeding attempts (originals are on the left, just in case):

Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design
Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design: First attempts to transfer templates from Photo to Mega Creator

First attempts to transfer templates from Photo to Mega Creator

So, it was not like just putting one and one together. But we finally did it and fell in love with what we did:

  • Our marketing people now use Mega Creator almost every day to make Instagram and Twitter posts
  • Sales reps use it to create pitch decks
  • Copywriters make pictures for their articles
  • We all create memes and funny pictures there, like the ones below:
Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design: strange collage Mega Creator: a new player in DIY graphic design

Mega Creator inherits all the best features of its parents, and at the same time, gives more creative opportunities for all users, regardless of their design skills. It’s never been that easy and fun to create awesome designs! And these are not just buzz words. Try it yourself and see.

And this is only the beginning

Mega Creator is a great tool, but it is just at the beginning of its way. Soon we’re going to add more nice features like:

  • Snapping
  • Layer blocking
  • Gradients
  • Image adjustment options
  • and more…

Stay tuned and share your Mega art with the community.

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