When you decide to bring your creative project on the web or make the wider audience know about your brand, you want to provide your future visitors with the best online experience ever. This deals with the layout structure, navigation patterns, as well as look and feel of your email newsletter. In fact, adding the newsletter subscription form to your blog or website is one of the proven ways to engage with your audience and establish a long-lasting relationship with the readers.

WordPress is an amazing content management system that supports all kinds of tools and features that you may need for the launch of your niche-specific sites. This is the must go-for platform for the launch of blogs, portfolios, business or corporate sites, as well as eCommerce projects. With a huge number of WordPress benefits, there are some solutions that require further enhancements. A standard email newsletter is among them. It’s set as the default settings that regular email newsletters are made in dull designs, featuring nothing except for plain texts.

Luckily, there is a chance to change things for better. WordPress supports email customization plugins and email newsletter templates that can help you add a unique and effective presentation to every letter that’s delivered to your subscribers.

Why Do You Need to Use Custom Email Newsletter in WordPress

If you run a single author blog on WordPress, then you can probably keep going without a custom email newsletter design. The situation is different for the owners of multi-author blogs, membership projects or eCommerce sites.

By means of the custom email newsletters that match the style of your brand, you can make your business more recognizable. The email newsletter will look more professional once you update it with the branded logo and color scheme.

Custom Email Templates Plugins

In order to create a custom email newsletter for your WordPress site, you can install any of the free or premium WordPress plugins that are available in the community. Here are some of the top-trending extensions from wordpress.org:

  • WP Better Emails lets you bring a personal touch to the WordPress notifications like lost passwords, registration confirmation, etc. The plugin guarantees that whatever email clients your customers may be using, the email notifications from your site will be displayed nicely.
  • Email Templates lets you choose the style of your email newsletter. You can add branded colors and fonts. Also, you can upload your logo and bring the necessary changes to the header and footer areas of your WordPress emails.
  • Email Customizer WooCommerce will be especially useful for everyone running an eсommerce business. With its help, you can craft unique email templates for user registration using the drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can preview email newsletter templates before those are delivered to your customers.

How to Create and Manage Custom Email Templates in WordPress

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a custom email newsletter using Email Templates plugin. With its help, bringing the versatile branded presentation your emails becomes really quick and easy. So, how does it work?

In order to get started, download .zip file to your PC. Next, navigate to Plugins > Add New in the dashboard of your WordPress site.

how to make email wordpress

Upload the .zip file that you downloaded from WordPress.org and activate it. Once activated, navigate to Appearance > Email Templates in order to be able to create and bring changes to your custom email templates.

The plugin uses live customizer functionality, which is being widely used in the ready-made WordPress themes for blogs, business, portfolio sites, etc. Thus, you will be able to see the results of the email templates customization in the real-time.

As seen in the screenshot, you will be able to set the width, background color, header, and footer area of the custom HTML email templates.
There are different sections available in the customizer.

In order to get started, you will need to navigate to the settings tag in order to enter your site’s name and the email address that will be used in the field of outgoing emails.

It’s set as the default settings that the plugin used the address that’s defined in WordPress settings. However, you can change it for any different custom email address.

As soon as you specify the emails address, click on the back arrow. You will be taken to the template sections.

Specify whether that’s a full width or a boxed template that you are going to create. Set the background color.

how to make email wordpress

Once done, customize the email header in the header section. Add a branded logo and enter custom text.

It’s set as the default settings that the plugin reveals your site’s name in the email header. You can modify the text just the way you wish. The font size and background color are fully editable as well.

how to make email wordpress
Next, customize the body of the email template. The customization options are pretty much similar to the header settings. Thus, you can bring changes to the font size and color, as well as specify the background for the email body.

how to make email wordpress

Finally, customize the footer area of your email template. By default, the plugin displays the name of your site with the copyright sign. You can change the text, font, and background colors.

how to make email wordpress

As soon as you finish, click Save in order to store all settings. Afterwards, you can send a preview of the email template that you’ve created. The plugin will send out the preview to the admin address in your WordPress settings.

In order to add a custom template to your WordPress site, copy the templates folder into your theme, then in functions.php add the following:

add_filter(‘mailtpl/customizer_template’, function(){
return get_stylesheet_directory() . “/admin/templates/default.php”;

Ready-Made Email Templates

If you run a WordPress-based site, then you should know about the possibility to launch unique and functional web projects with the help of ready-made themes. That’s neither a secret that you can create custom email newsletters with the help of newsletter email templates. The latter are available in different styles that are ready to be used for a range of niche projects. For example, here are some of the ready-made email newsletter themes that you can use on your site, for instance, Apparel Responsive Newsletter Template.

If you need to create a custom email newsletter for your fashion or beauty project, then consider using Styler. The layout is intended to perform smoothly on all devices and web browsers. It is compatible with all the major email clients. Thanks to the fully editable layout, sliced PSD, and professional support, you should have no difficulties with the customization of the ready-made design.

how to make email wordpress


YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer will be especially useful for everyone running an eсommerce business. With this email builder, you can craft unique email templates for user registration using the drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can preview email newsletter templates before those are delivered to your customers.

Adding custom content, graphics and media is also super easy!

YayMail builder and customized email template

Preview email templates customization side by side

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Add custom text and visual content to WooCommerce email templates

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Download YayMail

Over to You

As you can see, there are plenty of solutions that can help you create custom email newsletters for your WordPress sites. We hope that this article helped you make the choice of the optimal solution for the customization of dull WordPress emails. Are those plugins or ready-made themes that you enjoy using the most?

About the author: this is the guest post by Nannie from Template Monster. She likes to learn new things and share her knowledge with others in interesting articles on design trends and affiliate marketing.

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