Boost your business projects with our latest collection of office and business icons and clipart in 24 styles. Free for linking, subscribe for more!

Unveiling our newest collection dedicated to the dynamic world of business and office life. This assortment of Icons8 graphics is tailored to breathe life into your professional projects. From banners and social media to infographics, presentations, education, and more, our business clipart images and icons are designed to meet a wide array of needs. They are also an invaluable asset for UX and graphic designers looking for business-themed icons for applications, websites, and landing pages.

Presented in an impressive array of 24 design styles, our collection ranges from rich, detailed illustrations to sleek, minimalist icons. Dive into a vast selection of business-related imagery, including graphs, charts, office equipment, personnel, buildings, money, documents, and other essential business visuals.

To explore the full variety in your chosen style, just click the link below each picture. Access all graphics in basic size for free with a link attribution, or enhance your toolkit with an Icons8 license for a broader range of sizes and formats, all without any need for attribution. Elevate your business and office-related projects with our comprehensive graphics collection.

business clipart icons color
Bright and catchy clipart on the business theme in Color style
business clipart icons color-hand-drawn
Detailed colorful clipart images on business processes, people, and charts in Color Hand Drawn style
business clipart icons cute-clipart
Decorative business graphics for slides, presentations, and social media posts in Cute Clipart style
business clipart icons pastel
Elegant pack of business icons in Pastel style
business clipart icons infographic
Circled clipart images for presentations, newsletters, and infographics devoted to the business theme in Infographic style
fluent icons business
Flat and colorful business icons in Fluent style we’ve recently released
business clipart icons circle-bubbles
Business clipart with a pinch of fun and bubbles in Circle Bubbles style
business clipart icons cloud
Decorative business graphics on business theme in Cloud style
business clipart icons doodle
Funny and cartoonish business clipart in Doodle style
business clipart icons cute-color
Decorative business graphics for web and graphic design projects in Cute Color style
business clipart icons office
Neat and elegant color icons on the business theme from our responsive icon pack in Office style
business clipart icons gradient-line
Original neon icons on business life in Gradient Line style
business clipart icons blue-ui
Neat monochrome business icons in Blue UI style
business clipart icons pastel-glyph
Black and white business clipart in Pastel Glyph style
business clipart icons dotted
Decorative outline icons of charts, money, people, and profits in Dotted style
business clipart icons hand-drawn
Detailed outline business icons in Hand Drawn style
business clipart icons cute-outline
Decorative business icons in Cute Outline style
business clipart icons ios
Outline icons for business signs, details, and association in iOS style
business clipart icons ios-glyph
Filled and contrast business icons in iOS Glyph style
business clipart icons material-filled
Business icons for mobile applications in Material Filled style
business clipart icons ice-cream
Contrast and catchy pack of business icons in Android Ice Cream style
business clipart icons windows-10
Minimalistic outline icons for web design and presentations on the business theme in Windows 10 style
business clipart icons windows-metro
Business icon pack in Windows Metro style
business clipart icons simple-small
Minimalist icon pack on business in Simple Small style that can be used as icon font

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