The literal eye-candy of a mobile OS. The new iOS 17 introduces Live Stickers, a centralized sticker drawer, and personalized Contact Posters. 

Live Stickers: capture moments in a fun way

The exciting addition to the new iOS is the introduction of Live Stickers. According to Apple, with iOS 17 you can now turn subjects from your photos or paused videos into dynamic, looping stickers. To make your stickers even more unique, iOS 17 allows you to apply effects, creating a fun and engaging sticker experience.

Source: Apple

New Contact Poster feature

The Phone app’s new Contact Poster feature lets you express yourself in a unique way by attaching emojis or images to specific contacts.

There must be nothing less than a telepathic connection between our designers and Apple’s developers: check out these Moji style illustrations our team created for Ouch!

Stickers in Moji style

Centralized sticker drawer: all stickers at your fingertips

Apple has redesigned the sticker experience by introducing a centralized sticker drawer. Now, all your Live Stickers, emojis, Memojis, and other sticker packs are housed in one location, easily accessible from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices.

Speaking of stickers, check out our collection for cute and fun reactions:

Stickers in Rondy style

Stickers in Kitekat style

Stickers in Purr style

Stickers in Mood style

Whether you’re chatting with friends, exploring your photo library, or making phone calls, these new stickers will totally spice up your conversations.

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