Create your own models in seconds, with no agency fee and no diva behavior included.

What if we told you there was a way to create infinite numbers of humans of all ages, genders, body types, and ethnicities for free in a matter of seconds? This is exactly what Human Generator does! You can make any human you want in a few clicks and even place a real person’s face onto an AI-generated body. Human Generator can be both a powerful business instrument and a fun tool for personal use.

Already gave Human Generator a try? Come join our launch party on Product Hunt and share your AI humans with the community! Not familiar with Human Generator yet? Dive in to see how to use this AI powerhouse to the max.

Create an entirely new human

Creating a completely new identity is what Human Generator does best. You can build up as many humans that don’t exist in real life as you want. Need a specific model for your campaign asap? Make one yourself with Human Generator! With over 115 ethnicities to pick from, you can make an entire collection of diverse humans. In Human Generator, you can make male, female, and non-binary individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Female AI humans
Non-binary AI humans
Male AI humans

Replace AI faces with your pictures

Want to finally see what you’d look like with abs without having to get your butt off the sofa? No problem, with Human Generator, you can blend photos of real people with AI-made bodies like they belong there. Side note: if you, by any chance, decide to turn your boss into a grotesque Gollum-like creature, we had nothing to do with it.

Merging a stock photo of a woman with a body created by Human Generator
Merging a stock photo of a chubby man with a body created by Human Generator

How to use it?

Human Generator is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. There is no need to cast spells through prompts to make Human Generator’s AI work — you can get an impeccable result using only the predefined parameters. There are 3 tabs with core image generation parameters: Body, Clothing, and Background.

Thanks to these settings, creating a photorealistic human with Human Generator is easier than ABC. Unlike other image generators that would require a lengthy, detailed description of the desired picture, Human Generator has all the essential parameters on the menu. Forget the exhaustion from writing an annoyingly precise query where you describe the vibe of a picture, the lighting setup you want, and the camera model that the photo is supposed to be captured with.

Here is what Human Generator can give you with zero prompting whatsoever — everything you see was made using the menu on the left.

Come check out yourself


In this tab, you can adjust your human’s appearance by tweaking age and gender settings, changing skin color, hair, ethnicity, and pose. On top of over 115 ethnicities, Human Generator has more than 20 hairstyles, 15 poses, and 15 skin shades to choose from. Yes, we really wanted to make sure you’d never get bored or run out of options.

Depending on the context you define via settings and prompts, you can use the same pose for entirely different situations.


This is where you get to unleash your inner stylist and pick a look for your human. It includes every item they might need, including underwear, footwear, outerwear, and accessories. Depending on the style you select, you can make the same clothing items look revealing or modest, sporty or elegant, extravagant or casual — the choice is yours.


Don’t let the plain, lifeless default gray backdrop fool you. Human Generator has more than 30 different backgrounds, including a botanical garden, a desert, and an abandoned building. Plus, you can give prompt magic a try and create a completely new setting for your AI character. You can place them in a fantasy setting, send them back in time, add animals, and much more.


In the lower-left corner, you will find a small text field that says ‘Add something up’. This is where you get to let your fantasy run wild and fine-tune your AI human through prompts. However, as smart as Human Generator is, not every text query guarantees immaculate results.

To become a true prompt master, you need to follow two key principles:

1. Make them simple

The most important thing to take into account is that Human Generator generally prefers it short and simple. The more straightforward your prompt is, the more likely you are to get a great result. Here is an example of a perfectly clear prompt: ‘standing in a crib, long sleeve beige pajama’.

If you tried to prompt finer, more complex details like ‘being fed by mother, toys lying around, dim evening lighting, dad standing in the background smiling,’ you would end up confusing the AI. Human Generator is primarily focused on uncluttered portrait pictures of single humans.

2. Keep appearance parameters in mind

If you want your prompt to work flawlessly, make sure it doesn’t contradict the parameters you set up earlier. Human Generator processes parameters before prompts, so if you choose a mini dress and then keep tirelessly prompting ‘modest clothing’ or ‘body fully covered,’ you’ll only get a billion different short dresses.

Conversely, if you write a prompt that enhances or elaborates on the selected parameters, you can get otherworldly results. Look at the image you can get when selecting a maxi dress, or a maxi skirt, and prompting ‘Arab woman wearing black hijab and boots, reading a book’ on top of it.

Fun bonus: dolls, cosplay, cartoons & more

This is the feature we didn’t know Human Generator had until the team started to go crazy with prompts. You can place your AI human into a completely different universe and make them look like a fictional character.

You can find premade Human templates in the top right corner to save time figuring out the right prompts. There are numerous options to choose from, including Barbie-inspired designs and cosplay.

You can also browse through random pre-generated humans until you see the one you like by clicking on the Human Generator logo in the top left corner.

If you want to start from scratch and make your own design, go straight to the prompt field. There, all you need to do is type in ‘in the X universe’ or ‘in the X world’, click Update human, and let the magic happen.

These prompts will instantly change the appearance of your human, their clothes and accessories, and the background. With Human Generator, you can try hyperrealistic cosplay on steroids that can take your human to a whole new world while keeping their facial features recognizable.

Human Generator can even turn your characters into dolls. You can do it using the same ‘in the X universe’ prompt and add ‘shaped like an X doll’ for better results. Human Generator makes everything from BJD dolls to Barbie dolls and beyond — it’s all up to you and your imagination.

Finally, Human Generator’s face swapper can recognize fictional characters’ faces as well. You can turn anyone from Shrek to your favorite anime girlie into a photorealistic human. Just make sure your character has identifiable facial features so that the AI algorithm can recognize a face.

Call him Shraddy

Is it free?

It’s free and unlimited for everyone! You can create AI humans for free for all sorts of personal projects, including presentations, social media posts, quirky photo collages, and more. If you use Human Generator for your presentations or social media posts, don’t forget to tag us or add a link to Human Generator.

If you would like to use Human Generator for business purposes, you can contact us for more details. Also, feel free to shoot us a message if you want to get your humans in a different file format or resolution.

Come celebrate the launch with our team on Product Hunt and share your best (and most bizarre) creations! Your feedback is what makes AI better with every generated image.

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