The new tool from the Generated Photos team is up. Meet free Anonymizer and use photos generated by AI to keep your identity safe for free.

Try Anonymizer and protect your identity by using a synthetic profile picture that reminds people of you! Simply upload a photo of yourself and we will return the generated photo that shares your features.

  • Stay safe online
  • Give people an idea of your appearance without the risk

Today it’s released on Product Hunt, so welcome to join the release party or learn more about the tool right here.

Over the last year, we have noticed an interesting trend: people are frequently using our generated faces to stay anonymous online. Journalists, law enforcement, and governments have all let us know they have used our images to stay safe while conducting sensitive operations.

We wanted to expand this capability to everyone. Today we are launching the Anonymizer, a free web tool where in 1 click you can get a synthetic portrait image that looks similar to you.

anonymizer tool

Simply upload a photo of your face and get back a set of portrait photos that match your physical characteristics. This makes it easy to accurately represent yourself online, while still remaining 100% anonymous.

anonymizer tool

Use your new face as your profile picture anywhere you want to stay safer online. Free for personal usage and inexpensive for companies too.

anonymizer tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Anonymizer for free?

Yes! You have permission to use the Anonymizer for free for personal usage. You do not have permission to create a stockpile of images or to use your generated image for commercial purposes. For commercial usage, purchasable licenses are available.

Do you store my picture?

No, we do not save your personal data. This project is meant as a useful way to showcase the utility of synthetic media.

What type of image should I use?

In order for the Anonymizer to work correctly, you should upload a clear photo of your face looking straight forward. Cropping out the background is not needed. Avoid using images where multiple faces are visible.

Where can I use my anonymous image?

Anywhere online! Do not use your image to impersonate another person or to conduct illegal activity.

Give the Anonymizer a try and let us know any feedback you may have.

anonymizer tool

Written by the team of Generated Photos, the huge and growing library of faces generated by artificial intelligence

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