We’ve all had enough fun with face swapping. It’s time to put jokes aside. Meet Face Swapper! Super-realistic face swapping and the highest resolution on the market to do some serious stuff! Swap faces easily with Icons8.

Businesses use stock photos of the same models to promote services and goods. And we see the same faces everywhere. In ads, blog posts, product photos, avatars of personal managers at banks, and even fake reviews. In the USA, Europe, Russia, and China.

The time has come. Face Swapper is here to bring more diversity to your visuals and make them unique.

Whether you need to adapt your marketing visuals to a certain market or tweak a model’s face to get a patent for your product packaging, now you can do it in no time. Or that situation when you have a perfect photo to share with your friends, but you can’t because there is a kid or someone concerned with privacy. With Face Swapper, you can protect them and still post that photo on social media.

So, no more wasting time and money on:

  • Shooting the same scenes over and over again
  • Searching for the right photo with appropriate usage rights
  • Hiring digital artists to change faces

Now, you can reface one person or all the people in the photo. Or change the body or pose in a few clicks.

Unlike other fun apps, Face Swapper:

  • Swaps faces of up to 1024*1024 px in size. And that’s the max size of a face, not of a photo. And that’s the largest resolution on the market.
  • Preserves the original size and quality of the source image.

What’s inside:

  • Our stock photos with diverse models and poses
  • Treasury of AI-generated faces from Generated.Photos
  • Memes and celebs so you can still make fun things

Face Swapper is free for fun or personal use. If you want to swap some faces for commercial use, drop us a message.

Join us on Producthunt.com or check Face Swapper on our website.

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