Winning Streak Games turned Generated Photos’ AI humans into playable PC game characters. Here’s a sneak peek.

We Are Football 2024

We Are Football 2024 is a PC simulator developed by Winning Streak Games, a German game development company. Football simulators are Winning Streak Games’ specialty: their first We Are Football game came out in 2021. In their first game, the developers used stylized, cartoonish 2D faces for their players. This time, they went for photorealistic portraits to make the gaming experience more immersive. To achieve that, they used Generated Photos’ lifelike AI-made human portraits.

The developers chose Generated Photos thanks to its diversity and a wide selection of appearance parameters. Unlike many soccer simulators that focus solely on male teams, We Are Football 2024 has a women’s league in the game. Along with soft, hyperfeminine faces, Generated Photos has less typically feminine portraits of all ages and ethnicities, making it a perfect choice for a sports game simulator.

women's league in the we are football 2024 game

Once you start the match, you’ll see simplified, stylized faces instead of photorealistic faces from Generated Photos. This takes the load off the graphics processor and ensures smoother gameplay. On all other gaming screens, you’re going to see lifelike portraits of football players.

We Are Football 2024 will be released in March 2024. You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and watch the developers’ gameplay livestream while you wait.

Check out the AI humans from Generated Photos and get your own set of photorealistic synthetic faces.

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