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What makes Face Generator stand out?

You’re in control. Unlike random face generators, you can tailor any face to your requirements in a couple of clicks: change the skin tone, eye, and hair color, make it older or happier, or make it wear glasses.

AI trained on diverse photos. Compare faces generated by our app to faces from thispersondoesntexist below. Note how diverse are the Face Generator people: their ethnicity, age, emotions, hairstyles.

Faces by this person does not exist dot com

Faces by thispersondoesnotexist

Faces by face generator

Faces by Face Generator

Yes. AI bias exists. All other AIs have been trained on two sets of photos:

  • Photos aggregated on Flickr: mostly images of the so-called white middle-class images.
  • Microsoft’s collection of celebrity photos: beautiful people, lifted faces, perfect teeth, and $300 haircuts. All are young, fit, and, again, mostly white.

To minimize this bias and train our AI, we took photos ourselves. We shoot hundreds of models of different colors, body types, and ages (you don’t know how hard it is to shoot kids!).

Welcome to play around with our app. Generate a photo of your high school crush or your ex getting bald. It’s fun! Share your results with us on Twitter!

To support us on Product Hunt, follow this link.

And here’s a bonus pack of creeps generated by our AI when it was young and not so well-trained.

Creepy faces by Face Generator

Creepy faces by Face Generator

Need more faces for ML training? Check out our datasets.

Looking to protect your identity? Upload a photo to the AI Anonymizer.

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