Explore the urban jungle with our city life icons and clipart in 19 styles, perfect for any project. Free with attribution or subscribe for more!

Dive into the hustle and bustle of urban life with our latest Icons8 collection, featuring a wide range of city-themed graphics. This collection is your go-to for vibrant city clipart and icons, ideal for enhancing banners, social media posts, infographics, presentations, educational content, and more. It’s also a treasure trove for UX and graphic designers in need of cityscape icons for applications, websites, and landing pages.

Presented in 19 diverse design styles, our city life collection ranges from richly detailed illustrations to clean, minimalist icons. Discover an extensive assortment of urban elements, including buildings, parks, entertainment venues, and transportation options, all designed to bring your projects to life.

To view the full selection in your preferred style, simply click the link under each image. Access all graphics in basic size for free with a link attribution, or opt for an Icons8 subscription to enjoy a broader selection of sizes and formats, attribution-free. Step into the vibrant world of city life graphics and elevate your designs.

city clipart icons color
Bright and catchy clipart of city objects in Color style
city clipart icons cloud
City illustration for infographics and slides in Cloud style
city clipart icons doodle
Cartoonish and super funny city clipart in Doodle style
city clipart icons cute-color
Decorative clipart images of city buildings and objects in Cute Color style
city clipart icons pastel
Neat and elegant city icons in Pastel style
city clipart icons office
Color city icons from our responsive pack in Office style
city clipart icons gradient-line
Neon urban graphics in Gradient Line style
city clipart icons blue-ui
Monochrome icon set of city buildings, objects, and attributes in Blue UI style
city clipart icons cute-outline
City icons in decorative Cute Outline style
city clipart icons pastel-glyph
Black and white clipart of city life elements in Pastel Glyph style
city clipart icons dotted
Decorative outline icons of city life in Dotted style
city clipart icons ice-cream
City icons in Android Ice Cream style
city clipart icons material-filled
Buildings, benches, transport, and other city stuff in Material Filled icons
city clipart icons material-two-tone
Minimalistic city icons in Material Two Tone style
city clipart icons ios
Elegant outline graphics of city life in iOS style
city clipart icons ios-glyph
Filled and contrast city icons in iOS Glyph style
city clipart icons windows-metro
Various city icons in Windows Metro style
city clipart icons windows-10
Outline city icons in Windows 10 style
city clipart icons simple-small
Minimalist icons of city objects in Simple Small style that can be used as an icon font

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